Friday, December 17, 2010

Where I am

I'm sure you're all wondering where I disappeared to, the answer is the Bahamas, my parents surprised me and decided to bring me on a cruise with them. We spent some time in Florida and then cruised for a day were in the Bahamas for a day (today) and are going back to Florida tonight to spend time with my Grandparents. The exciting information is I got a bunch of great Drugstore products from the states including some stunning nail polish colours, gel liners and more! So on top of the things I recieved for my birthday and the things I bought I've got reviews galore coming for you! Until then I apologize for disappearing. Hope everyone's holidays are going well! (Or exams if you're still studying/writing them as I know some of you poor souls are). Lots of Love from the Bahamas!

P.S. The Blinc mascara survived snorkling today and still looked good and came off so easy in the shower! Best mascara I've used to date!


  1. So jealous (Of the US make-up AND the surprise holiday)! I was wondering where you were :p. Have a great time!

  2. @ glossedintranslation: Thanks so much for your kind words! Best wishes in Japan (if it makes you feel better, I want some of the asian make-up only available to you!) I should be back with my computer soon! Happy Holidays!