Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Tartan Tale Swatches!

Despite the fact I'm sure most of you have already seen Mac Tartan Tale swatches here are mine from the items I purchased/received from the collection! And what an awesome collection it was!
The Faerie Glen Lipstick

The Faerie Glen lipstick (Top), Courting Lilac lipstick (Bottom)
The Faerie Glen, Courting Lilac
Both of these lipsticks are awesome! Courting Lilac is a Glaze but has quite a bit of pigment to it. It also has a lovely gold sparkle through out it that really adds some depth. It's quickly become my go to purple lipstick to finish off purple looks. The Faerie Glen is just as good in a completely different way. The best nude I've ever found for my complexion, and a Lustre finish. This is a brown based nude which doesn't look that nice swatched or on its own, but when it reacts with the red in my lips I get the most lovely nude. So happy as I truly thought I'd never find a nice subtle lipstick. 
The Faerie Glen Lipstick 
See how it doesn't make me look dead? I've still got some colour to my lips but just less. Yay!
Sir Teddy Mini (Key Fob)
I also caved and got the adorable mini Sir Teddy. He was just too cute to resist and all the money went to helping kids. 
Sir Teddy Mini
6 Beauties Play it Cool Palette
The one thing I wasn't expecting about this palette was how dark all the colours swatched. The only one that doesn't swatch dark is the silver-purple called Silverwear.
6 Beauties Play it Cool Swatches T-B: Silverwear, Hold My Gaze,  To The Ball,
Altered State, Magic Moor, Heather Belles
The two lighter coloured ones tend to look quite dark on the lid which was surprising (Hold My Gaze, To The Ball) but I do still like the palette, I just need other colour purples to work with it.
Look done with Courting Lilac Lipstick, 6 Beauties Play it Cool Palette and UD Asphyxia e/s

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