Monday, December 13, 2010

Too Faced Spring

Makeup Sets by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Personally, I don't like to think about spring until Christmas and New Years are over, I want to enjoy my holidays while they last! However, the Too Faced Spring releases are just to cute to pass up. I'm not sure if these include everything that Too Faced is releasing for spring but it's certainly a good start! Their theme for spring seems to be love, romance and weddings, after you have a look be sure to tell me what you think!
Above is the Look of Love Set, which according to Sephora has a $124 USD value. Sephora describes it as a seven piece collection of spring best sellers in fresh and feminine shades for the eyes, lips and cheeks. How they can be spring best sellers when it's not even spring yet I don't know but I do like the soft shades they chose. Included in the kit is a Lash Injection Mascara, A blush with two eyeshadows trio, a Glamour Gloss in Barely Legal, a full size Shadow Insurance, a Primed and Poreless face primer, a mini 'flatbuki' and a zip pouch to hold it all. The set costs $45 USD but I think you get quite a bit for your money. 
Face Makeup by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Too Faced has added a new foundation to their line for spring. With eight shades ranging from a fairly pale shade to a decently dark one, this oil-free foundation intrigues me. Officially named Amazing Face Oil Free Close-Up Coverage Foundation, this foundation in an adorable bottle costs $36 USD for 1 oz of product. They say it provides an airbrushed look in seconds in part due to light refraction technology. It also has vitamins A, C, and E to protect and maintain healthy skin, as well as Natural Bark extract to absorb excess oil while keeping skin hydrated and fresh. If I can find a shade match I may have to try a sample of this.
Image from Sephora Website
Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Shadow Collection, it's the soft but coloured version added to the rest of the line by Too Faced that included the Natural Eye, Smokey Eye, and Neutral Eye kits. Be sure to take a look the Sephora website image of this so you can zoom in on the shadows because they are really lovely looking up close! The eyeshadows are in Soul Mates (Pale Peach Shimmer), Kiss The Bride (Matte Pale Pink), Bouquet Toss (Matte Pale Yellow-Ivory), I Do (Matte Taupe), Un-Veil (Soft Matte Black), Cut The Cake (Lavender Mauve Shimmer), First Dance (Matte Deep Purple), Honeymoon (Burnished Gold Shimmer), Ever After (Bronze Shimmer). So pretty! Costs $35 USD.
Eye Shadow by Too Faced at ShopStyle
With Urban Decay releasing yet another shade of their Primer Potion, Too Faced has finally jumped on the bandwagon and released a golden shimmer Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. It costs $18 USD.
Eyes Shimmer & Glitter by Too Faced at ShopStyle

They also have a version of the Pixie Epoxy out too to hold pigments and glitters to the eye. This is a colourless version and also costs $18 USD. 
So all in all I must say that that I quite like Too Faced spring release, what do you think?


  1. I own Too Faced Natural Eye kit and really love it. I'd get their spring kit as well, but I really hate the names "I Do"..."Kiss the Bride." Barf.

  2. The names are a bit too cutesy for my taste too but I do really like the colours! And like you said Too Faced shadows are good quality you could just cover the names up! :D