Friday, December 3, 2010

Urban Decay Spring 2010

Temptalia photo of Cream E/s pencils by Urban Decay
If you haven't heard yet Urban Decay is releasing a ton of really neat things for Spring (I know we're receiving info already! It's not even Christmas yet! Don't rush the season!). But also included are cream/stains for cheeks (with a neat snake print on the front), a new shade of Urban Decay Primer Potion in Gold, a lash growth and mascara system, two lip pencils, and a super curl mascara. 

These honestly look lovely! Temptalia has some great swatches up so be sure to take a look.

On another note, still running around like a chicken with my head off, I have 3 exams in two days and a paper due the day after that, plus I can barely focus because some idiot decided to have the road along our residence/townhouse constructed on and it's so bloody loud the house shakes and it doesn't shut up all day. You can tell it's very frustrating for me. So I apologize for the lack of updates, I should be back on the 10th at the latest, which coincidentally is my birthday! Yay! Something to look forward to! So please be patience with me, I'll be back! (Though maybe not with the kapow action of Arnold S.)

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