Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is your True Blood tasting a little Tarte?

Face Makeup by Tarte at ShopStyle

Tarte one of the best natural companies has gotten together with HBO to create a small but heady True Blood collection- out just in time for the new season to start on Sunday. Not many of you know this but I  adore vampires so this is right up my alley! There are 3 limited edition items and they are currently only available on the Sephora website. The cheek stain (a sheer red with shimmer) costs $30 USD, the lip stain (still infused with that strong mint scent) is a iridescent red shade for $24 USD, and lastly is the eyeshadow palette that has 17 eyeshadows and black eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow primer for $52 USD. 

At the moment it is only letting beauty insiders buy them but it's free to sign-up to become a BI so that isn't such a difficult thing to overcome. 
Lip Products by Tarte at ShopStyle

The 17 eyeshadow shades are:
- The Light (Shimmering Warm Ivory)
- Fairy (Shimmering Pink)
- Dusk (matte warm taupe)
- Dawn (Shimmering gold dust)
- Werewolf (Matte Chocolate)
- Waitress (Sparkling pink Champagne)
- Nocturnal (Sparkling deep indigo)
- Charmer (Sparkling burnt copper)
- Glamour Me (Sparkling Deep Plum)
- Stake (matte Steel)
- Bayou (shimmering golden tan)
- Telepath (Sparkling warm rose) 
- The True Death (Sparkling Silver)
- Immortal (Sparkling midnight Black)
- Moss (Shimmering forest green)
- Legend (Deep Matte Black)
- "V" (Sparkling Crimson)

I think most of the names are appropriate though I wish they'd actually named a couple of the shades with character names like Pam, Sookie, Eric and Godric. (Why oh why did you have to die Godric!) Also I don't really get why the palette has two black shades.

Anyways, tell me what you think? Gimmick or cool? Personally I'd love to get a chance to swatch all of these!


  1. HUGE gimmick - but it doesn't make me want that darn cheek stain any less! Such a True Blood fan girl :)

  2. That cheek stain looks gorgeous! What a shame it's not available here..