Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogger Love! Phyrra!

I was lucky enough to recently get an interview the beautiful Phyrra of Not only is she a wonderful blogger but she's so sweet and easy to talk to. I'm a huge fan of her blog- she always has the latest on the indie brands and she's the one that inspired me to start these Blogger Love! interviews as well as getting into etailer brands more! 
She just has the coolest hair! I love the slight pink in it! And the leaf fabric in the background is awesome, I adore fabric patterns like that!
1)   Are you more of a Morning, Day, or Night time person?
Night person! I prefer being up at night. My body tends to do best when I'm up til midnight or 1am and then get up around 8:45 am. If I don't set an alarm, that tends to be when I'll wake up.

2)   Favourite Animal?
Dogs, specifically standard poodles. I think my poodle is amazing.

3)   Favourite Colour?
I don't have just one! I love purple, black, blue-based teals, yellow-greens and fuchsia.

4)   Preferred foundation coverage and finish ex. Heavy coverage, matte
Right now I'm really preferring how liquids look on me. NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia is my perfect match in liquid foundation. When I'm in the mood for minerals, Meow's Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese is my perfect match.

5)   What do you do in everyday life? If you’re a student what is your major?
I'm the sole project manager at a game development studio. I also do a lot of writing at work, both creative and technical.

6)   First makeup brand that really got you interested in cosmetics?

7)   Do you have any makeup or skin care items that are perfect for you? (HG items) If so which- include shade names.
1. Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese. This was the very first foundation to actually be _pale_ enough for me and match my skintone.
2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance. This allows me to wear eye shadow. Without it, I crease.
3. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. This lets me foil without making a mess. It's a fantastic product.
4. Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks. They're beautiful and come in every color of the rainbow, literally. My favorite shade is Azalea Blue.
I'll probably be adding Siberia, as well as my new moisturizer with SPF to this list, as I love them bunches.

8) What is your favourite food? Drink?
I love Coke Zero in the Cherry or Vanilla flavors. Sushi is probably my favorite, and specifically I love tuna, yellowtail and avocado. I'm also a huge fan of seitan. When having it at home, I prefer it with a chimichurri sauce and fried plantains.

9) Favourite Gem Stone?

10) Do you have any pets in your life? If yes, what are their names (and can we have pictures?)
Yes! Phaedra, my lovely standard poodle, and Maximus, our funny pug.

11) One place you’ve never been that you want to visit?
I've a long list of places, but today I'll say Australia.

12) What inspired you to start your blog?
I'd given up on making MAC's foundation match my skintone, so I started looking at other options and stumbled across mineral makeup. However, there weren't a ton of reviews out there (there were some great ones, like with the Shades of U blog), so I started writing out my own experiences.

13) Favourite Season?
I love summertime.

14) What do you use to take your blog photos? What type of computer?
I am now using a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video in Red. My laptop is a Sony VGN-AW120J.

15) What genre of movies/books do you like?
I like Sci-Fi, fantasy and horror. Right now, Seanan McGuire's October Daye series is my favorite. However, I also love the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher, the Dark Jewels series by Anne Bishop, and a slew of other authors including Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton (her older books), Mercedes Lackey, MaryJanice Davidson, Jacqueline Carey, Steven Brust, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Chloe Neill, etc.

16) Other hobbies or events that you’re involved in?
I do creative writing in addition to technical writing, as I really enjoy both. I play video games, though not as seriously as I once did. I like to bike and swim.

17) Most unique eyeshadow you own?
There is NO WAY I can choose just one. Way too hard. I will say that Fyrinnae's Wicked completely enchanted me.

18) Most unique lip product?
Right now, I think the most unique lip products I'm using are the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Sticks, which are a combination of lip liner, lip color and plumper in one.

19) Favourite colour combinations?
Red & Black, Purple & Black, Yellow-Green & Blue-based Teal.

20) Favourite piece of jewelry? Why is it your favourite?
There's a necklace that WhimsyBeading made for me that has a high amount of sentimental value and it's my favorite necklace.

21) Best drugstore product you’ve tried?
Probably Wet n' Wild eye shadows recently. They've been awesome.

22) Random fact you'd like to share about yourself?
I've got a B.A. degree in Anthropology. No one expects that.


  1. Wow. I'm surprised at how much of this stuff I knew... the BA in Anthropology surprised me, though! xD

  2. Maximus does NOT look real in this pic, LOL!! He looks like one of those cylindrical stuffed cat toys ... xD

  3. Thank you for the lovely interview :) It was fun!

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