Sunday, June 26, 2011

Annabelle Jungle Belle for Spring 2011

Though I’m late to the ball game on this one, Annabelle released their Spring collection about a month ago, and if you’re into orange and pink this is likely to interest you. Included in the collection are three eyeshadows all of which are trios. They all have overspray but the colours underneath I think are quite lovely as well.
Also included is a pencil liner, two liquid glitter liners, a leopard bronzer and two shades of lip gloss pencil.
The Leopard Bronzer is named after the title of the collection, Jungle Belle. 
Personally although I like the Leopard Bronzer it’s too similar to the Too Faced version to be unique or interest me. Plus we’ve all seen bright electric blue liners before too. 
The three eyeshadows as you can see are named Savanna Sun (a warm brown, a coral pink and a medium orange), Tropic Thunder (a medium bright blue, a dark blue and a light celery green), and Exotic escape (a light lavender, a baby pink and a medium grass green). Though not shown there are two glitter liners Amazonian a dark yellow-based green and Wild Blue a dark blue.
Lastly is the two gloss pencils- Florish and Fauvish, A bright medium orange and a pale yellow-based pink. These are $7.99 each.

So what do you think, do you like the looks of Jungle Belle or are you going to pass?

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