Monday, June 6, 2011

Fyrinnae Haul, eyeshadow swatches and opinions

All the eyeshadow samples I purchased from Fyrinnae
I recently received my Fyrinnae order- actually on my blog birthday! This is my second time I've ordered from them and they are a truly wonderful company. Excellent costumer service (even with all the issues they've been having staff-wise) and fantastic products. In total I ordered 19 eyeshadows, and two face setting powders (Fluff and oil-control) on top of this I received a sample of Calavera Cupcakes eyeshadow and a sample of their silica gel primer because I couldn't find it on the site when I ordered and asked them if they could include it! How nice is that? I'll be having a review soonish on the primer and the two powders but for now onto the fantastic shadows I bought! All the shadow swatches are over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (an awesome base for shadows that are loose or prone to fallout!)
T-B: Calavera Cupcakes, Sakura, Crimson Ghost, Rapunzel had Extensions, Polar Bear, Damn Paladins
T-B: Polar Bear, Damn Paladins, Atomic Afterglow, Fire Opal, Valhalla, Ravens and Writing Desks, Dragon's Wing, Javan Rhino
T-B: Damn Paladins, Atomic Afterglow, Fire Opal, Valhalla, Ravens and Writing Desks, Dragon's Wing, Javan Rhino
T-B: Faerie Glamour, Mephisto, Catrina Cabaret

T-B: Faerie Glamour, Mephisto, Catrina Cabaret, Wicked

T-B: Wicked, The Randy Ferret, Vodka, Dokklafar
T-B: The Randy Ferret, Vodka, Dokklafar, Pumpkinfire

So what do you think? Some of these are pretty amazing eh? The ones I was actually blown away by were Wicked, Faerie Glamour, Damn Paladins, Atomic Afterglow, Polar Bear and Fire Opal.

Wicked is one of my new favourite eyeshadows. OMG, this is absolutely stunning, I couldn't believe how amazing this was, especially in the sunlight. My photos don't do it justice! Just wow. Faerie Glamour too is amazing- so vivd and bright even in the shade. 

Most of these photos don't show the intensity and details of these shadows but I tried my best! Dokklafar and Pumpkinfire are black with some amazing coloured glitter which doesn't show. Vodka is an intense smoky silver that would work well for a smoky eye look. 

I was a little disappointed in a couple shades as they were a bit patchy or the eyeshadow wasn't as intensely coloured as I thought they were going to be. Catrina Cabaret, and The Randy Ferret were two of these. I also thought Mephisto was going to be a purple with red but it ended up turning to the ruby seen above when swatched. 

Damn Paladins really surprised me though! I didn't expect much from it but I know that it's a popular shade so I opted to get the shadow. In the pot it just looks like a boring brown. Then swatched in the sun and you can see a light green shimmer in it. Such a unique neutral! I think it would be perfect for someone in an office job. Non-offensive inside and pow! a little bit of spice outside!

Below is all the shadows in their little pots. I'll likely press most of these but I wanted to show you them in their loose form. Sorry if they're a bit blurry- I wanted to show the sparkle and shimmer! :D

Polar Bear
Ravens and Writing Desks
Damn Paladins
Calavera Cupcakes
Javan Rhino
Catrina Cabaret
Atomic Afterglow
Crimson Ghost
Faerie Glamour
The Randy Ferret
Dragon's Wing
Rapunzel Had Extensions
Fire Opal


  1. Yay! Wicked is one of my favorites :>

  2. What a great haul and happy belated blog bday! I agree with you on Damn Paladins, looks blah in the pot but on it is a wearable and unique everyday color!