Friday, June 17, 2011

Some ways to save money

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I seem to have disappeared off the earth the last week. We went up to the cottage, which doesn’t have internet (yet!). However, I do have some new things for you such as a LOTD that I wore to a wedding of a childhood friend and a tips and tricks post that I’ve finished and am quite proud of. Both should be up today in addition to this post!

This is for everyone that wants to save a bit of extra moola- which I think is most of us. Most of this applies to shopping on the internet, but some of it applies to in store as well. Hope this helps!

Retail Me Not! I've talked this in the past as well but this deserves multiple mentions! Retail Me Not is the number one resource of coupon codes out there for just about every website selling things on the internet. (Not all of course but most of the major ones). These coupon codes are simple phrases or letter/number combinations that you enter into the website's box you're shopping on during checkout. Sometimes this box is small so be sure to check carefully- it's totally worth it! You can often get freebies, free shipping or a discount with these so be sure to check it out.  The one thing about Retail me not is that they use the full website address (excluding www.) to search through the site- so be sure to include the .com, .html, etc. You can check Retail Me Not <- there.

Ebates! Ebates is an online service that gives you a certain percentage (usually around 3%) of the money you spend on online purchases back to you when you click the website you'll be shopping at anyways through their site. It's really easy, completely free and sometimes they even have double cash back which will give you even more money back. For example Sephora is currently 4% cash back and if you use it in addition to a sale it's an excellent savings!
 Referal link- this means that I'll get a monetary bonus for reffering you but if you don't want to go to ebates and benefit me you can also Click here which will bring you to the site without giving me anything.

E-mail Subscriptions Most companies have an e-mail subscription you can sign-up for (usually off their main webpage) that are often an excellent source of coupon codes, new items and sale notices. If you like a certain brand or website a lot I highly recommend signing up

Sephora Beauty Insider- Sephora is my main beauty store here in Canada, as it has many brands that are hard to get ahold of and I can go instore to swatch and see things. Beauty Insider is their points rewards program which is free to sign-up for and most certainly worth it! Every dollar you spend is worth one point (and sometimes they have double points events). When you reach 100 points you can choose from one of the constantly changing (three at a time) deluxe samples or wait until you reach 500 points and get the bigger reward. I usually wait for 500 myself as the last one was an awesome Too Faced palette of 8 eyeshadow shades (post on this haul coming soon!). Plus beauty insiders often get instore freebie coupons and sale notices e-mailed to them as well. Totally worth it! You can easily become a BI at the top of the Sephora website page.

Coupon Websites- Sites like and have awesome coupons that you can either print right off your computer or they'll send them to you. Mostly for drugstore beauty items but totally worth it, especially if you can use more than one type of coupon on an item.

Store Coupons- Many stores have their own coupons or sales in their flyers. Shopper's Drug Mart often has all their sales listed and Rexall often has their sales and coupons to use as well! For everyone not in Canada if you're going into a store see if they have a flyer near the front- if they do they'll often have sale items and coupons in amongst all the items they're featuring.

Student Price Card- I did a post on this months ago but I'm going to mention it again. This is an awesome card to get if you're a student. It costs $20 (or is free if you have a Bank of Montreal Account) and it provides a ton of discounts when you prevent it at checkout in stores. The thing about it is that you need to know which stores it's valid in and you need your student card. The stores are all listed on the website (there are a bunch) but you need to know because the cashier won't ask for it and you'll need to tell them before you pay so they can type in the discount code. For example I get 10% off all my Rexall purchases with my SPC and it's not just in Canada- it works at different places internationally. Way worth it if you shop at any of the listed places with any frequency. You can check it out here.
Some of the other places you can get discounts are Banana Republic, Aerie, Pizza Pizza, The Body Shop and more! :D

Website Section- Sometimes the site you're on will have a deals, clearance, or discounts section. Check the webpage over carefully and sometimes you'll strike gold and find a great deal.

That's all for now- more posts to come later today. If you have any discount things you do let me know! I'm always out to save some cash!


  1. Hey - don't forget that you can use the retailmenot codes when you go thru ebates too! Double savings that way! :) Great suggstions!

  2. I swear by Retail Me Not and! Great post (: