Friday, June 17, 2011

Mac Bloggers Obsession Collection- All Swatched Up (Part 1)

Yes, I've got even more links for you! Karen over at the Makeup and Beauty Blog has swatched and photographed the entire collection as well as doing lip swatches (All My Purple Life looks amazing on her!).
Makeup and Beauty Blog Collection swatches
Makeup and Beauty Blog lipglass lip swatches

Temptalia has got yet another awesome eye make-up look called Green Machine using her Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow Here!
Temptalia also has released swatches of the lipglasses of the collection- go check them out through here!
Temptalia's Eyeshadow swatches and photos
Temptalia's comparison swatches for the shadows

Afrobella has a video out here on YouTube that showcases her All Of My Purple Life lipglass shade (and sweetly thanking everyone for their support too!) This really gives you a great idea on how opaque the colour of this is.

The Shades of U has an awesome manicure done in OPI Smok'n Havana with the Sonoran Rain swatched beside the nails and it's an awesome match! They look great together!

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