Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hourglass Extreme Sheen and Hydrating Lipgloss Swatches

Lip Gloss by Hourglass at ShopStyle

People have raved over the Hourglass line, and their lipglosses are quite popular, so I decided to swatch them for you. Enjoy!

T-B: Primal, Siren, Nectar, Origami, Fortune, Lush, Truth, Verse,  Ignite, Imagine, Reflect

T-B: Primal, Siren, Nectar, Origami, Fortune, Lush,

T-B: Fortune, Lush, Truth, Verse, Ignite, Imagine, Reflect
These glosses are all nice but some of them are significantly nicer than others. For example Reflect sucks. It's pretty much clear with a very small amount of sparkle. Siren on the other hand is amazing. It's metallic orange-red and so pigmented. It's absolutely stunning. Fortune also rocks, a really pretty duochrome pink-gold with excellent pigmentation. Nectar is a really lovely coral as well very juicy looking.
These are $28 USD. Though they look like they're glass and metal they aren't so keep that in mind- they are made of plastic. I went to open them and thought they'd be much more sturdy than they appear.

Lip Gloss by Hourglass at ShopStyle

I also swatched some of the Hourglass Hydrating Lip Glosses. These are also plastic and seem kind of flimsy to be honest. They are also quite sheer, I had to gloop them quite a bit to get the colour shown.  Anyways here they are.
T-B: Ingenue, Heroine
T-B: Pulse, Opium, Hypnotic, Eden, Legend, Surreal
T-B: Pulse, Opium, Hypnotic, Eden
T-B: Eden, Legend, Surreal
Of these I think Surreal is the nicest. It's the most unique a brown with coral opalescent shimmer. The Hydrating Glosses cost $26 USD.

What do you think? Are you interested in Hourglass lip glosses? If I were to spend my money the only ones I would consider would be Surreal, Siren, Fortune and Nectar; the rest I'd pass on.

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  1. Siren, for sure! It's currently on my Sephora wishlist, haha.