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Too Faced Fall 2011

Too Faced has got a bunch of awesome releases for Fall 2011 and their Midnight in the Garden of Glamour collection. They've released another item too though which I'm just going to include as part of the collection. The new products are making me want to make a Too Faced purchase and the fact ebates is having double cash back at Sephora right now (8%) isn't helping! Anyways onto the products!

Eye Shadow by Too Faced at ShopStyle

First up is the palette I'm most excited for, the Matte Eyeshadow Collection. I adore Too Faced's matte eyeshadows they are so pigmented and soft and I own about four of them. This palette is 9 matte shadows in lovely soft colours. There are three large and six smaller shades.

  • Tufted Suede: a soft yellow based tan
  • Velveteen Bunny: an off-white ivory
  • Fresh Linen: a pale pink
  • Chinchilla: a light to medium warm brown
  • Coffee Bean: a dark neutral brown
  • Pebbles: a medium cool grey
  • London Fog: a navy
  • Vintage Violet: a greyed violet mauve
  • Midnight: a dark charcoal grey
All of the shades look really lovely, though some of the names seem a little off to me. Personally Pebbles and Chinchilla should switch names as should Midnight and London Fog; and Fresh Linen and Velveteen Bunny. Anyways, Pebbles really appeals to me as I've been on the look out for a matte light cool grey for a long time and have yet to find one that I like so I'm hopeful for this one. 
The only thing I don't like about this palette is that Velveteen Bunny and Coffee Bean are much like my Heaven and Teddy Bear matte eyeshadow duo from Too Faced that I already own, but under different names.
The palette cost $36 USD, or $45 CND.

Eye Shadow by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Next up is a twist on the old favourite Lemon Drop Color Correcting Shadow Insurance, a yellow tinged eyeshadow primer. The slight yellow tinge is supposed to reduce the look of red discolouration on the eye lids that many of us have. I love the original clear version of Too Faced Shadow Insurance so this yellowed version intrigues me greatly. You can see my original TFSI review here.
Lemon Drop TFSI cost $18 USD or $24 CND, the same size and price as the original.

Mascara by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Next is a new mascara called Size Queen. Costing $21 USD/$28 CND for 0.5 oz the only shade available is Pitch Black. Infused with keratin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, panthenol and red algae this mascara is supposed to give you length, volume and flexibility. 

Eye Shadow by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Strangely, Too Faced has come out with a second Smokey Eye Shadow palette- only differing in name from the first by the fact the second has Collection, and an 'e' in Smokey; as well as a couple different shades. The same price and sizes as the matte shadow collection the smoky palette has 9 shadow colours as well.
  • Firefly: A Silvery Taupe
  • White Lie: Sugar White
  • In A Flash: Silver shimmer
  • Cloves: Bronzy Brown
  • Nice Ash: Light Charcoal
  • Smoking Jacket: Blackened Plum
  • Up In Smoke: Blackened Brown
  • Smokin Hot: Matte Black
  • Smolder: Matte Navy
Personally most of these colours I either have already or just don't appeal. I felt this way with the first smoky palette too with in comparison had an ivory cream, a peachy taupe shimmer, a dark bronze, a peach-champagne shimmer, a blackened emerald green shimmer, a dark violet blue shimmer, a black, a silver shimmer, and a shimmery dark grey. I doubt you'd need both.

Makeup by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Too Faced has released a new line of single shadows as well named the Exotic Color Intense Shadow Singles. According to Sephora these are all satin finishes and are supposed to have "maximum color payoff". There are 12 shades in total.
  • Cop A Teal- Peacock Teal
  • Copper Penny- Bright Copper
  • Enchanted Garden- Expresso Brown
  • Firefly- Antique Gold Shimmer
  • Frilly Lily- White Shimmer
  • Magic Mushroom- Neutral Pink Shimmer
  • Midnight Mist- Sapphire Blue
  • Nice Stems!- Golden Green
  • Night Nymph- Black Silver Shimmer
  • Petals to the Metal- Metallic Brown-Blue
  • Poison Orchid- Darkened Amythest
  • Violet Femme- Lavender
I'm wondering how close Petals to the Metal is to their already existent shade Label Whore- or any of the other dupes out there, Mac Club, Urban Decay Lounge, etc. I would like to see some of these shades though, and I like the flower themed packaging and names. These cost $18 USD/$24 CND and have 0.06 oz of product. When comparing to their other singles though they cost $16 USD and had 0.08 oz of product which is disappointing. 

Brushes & Applicators Sets by Too Faced at ShopStyle

It's nice to see a smaller brush set available from Too Faced with this collection's launch. The Shadow Brushes Essential 3 piece set is just that, three eyeshadow brushes. Each brush is made from the synthetic fibre Too Faced likes to call Teddy Bear Hair. They all are supposed to be duo purpose as well with a liner/smudger (smallest) brush, a lid/smoker (medium height) brush and a crease/blender brush (tallest). They do all look nice and from previous experience I can say that Too Faced does have lovely soft, non-shedding  brushes. This set costs $39 USD.

Eyeliner by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Last but not least is the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner. This is supposed to be a creamy long-wearing liner that sets for eight hour wear. It also comes with a slanted smudger on the end.
The pencils come in 0.04 oz and cost $18 USD/$24 CND. There are six colours.
  • Perfect Black
  • Perfect Black Orchid (Blackened Purple)
  • Perfect Brown
  • Perfect Peacock (Teal)
  • Perfect Purple (Medium-Dark Purple)
  • Perfect Storm (Charcoal Grey)
That's all for now! What do you like from Too Faced's new Fall Collection? (Yes, amazingly it's available now at Sephora and on the Too Faced website- just click any of the pictures).

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