Wednesday, January 11, 2017

7 Indie Holy Grail Favourite Beauty Products

In no particular order here are some of my most used and loved indie cosmetic products.

1. Kiss My Sass Cosmetics: Tarnished Halo Eyeshadow
At the moment it looks like they only have the darker version Fireside Glow in stock but I have had no problem contacting the owner of Kiss My Sass Cosmetics in the past to ask for when it would be up in the shop again.
Tarnished Halo watched over primer
I have to say Tarnished Halo is one of my all time favourites. I love how romantic it looks on the eye. Soft, slightly smokey, pale matte grey with an intense copper sheen, this shade goes with a ton of different looks day or night. It has I would say medium coverage but only because it can be built up even more with a second layer for a really intense look. The full size, which will likely last me forever is priced at $6.00 USD. As with all non-matte loose shadows I do recommend a sticky base over your primer, which brings me to my next favourite.

2. Fyrinnae: Pixie Epoxy Eyeshadow Base
This is my all time favourite base when I use loose shadows or I really want to make my eyeshadows look more intense or foiled. It's not recommended for straight matte shades however, so keep that in mind. Pixie Epoxy is a slightly tacky gel of which you only require the smallest amount. A tiny dab for the whole eye-lid is all that is needed. I then like to use my finger and spread out the product before I apply my eyeshadow like normal or through a patting motion depending on how I want the end result to look. I love that this lasts all day, doesn't feel tacky for very long and has a shelf-life of 24-36 months. Plus it's not too expensive either at $6.50 USD for the full size.

3. Notoriously Morbid: Changeling Top Coat (Siren and Leshy)
Changeling Top Coat is such a neat lip product. It's a sheer liquid lipstick that is designed to add a duochrome-like sheen to whatever base lip colour you have on your lips.
Left Siren, Right Leshy
Available in a variety of shades I love my two in Siren (a light blue) and Leshy (a light green). They go on easily and lightly on the lips and dry down completely matte for a long-lasting look. They make so many more lip looks possible! They're only $10.00 USD for two shades.

4. Sugarpill Cosmetics: Loose Eyeshadows in Lumi and Goldilux
At $14.00 USD each these are the most pricey of my list but they are stunning. Both vegan, and in cute fairly large jars these loose shadows are worth the price.
Left Goldilux, Right Lumi
Lumi is a stunning white-blue with turquoise iridescent overlay and turquoise sparks. Very otherworldly. Goldilux on the other-hand is big time glam. The most sparkly, shiny, metallic, intense true gold shade I've tried. Only the smallest amount can amp up an eyeshadow look.

5. Scaredy Cat Cosmetics: Loose Mineral Eyeshadows in Hedgerow, Arctic Royale and customized
This little known brand has some true gems, plus their artwork is adorable!
L-R: Hedgerow, Arctic Royale, Custom with Draconia base, Custom with Cirrina base
Arctic Royale is a gorgeous silvered purple shade. Hedgerow is my favourite, it's a duo-chrome light purple/ turquoise, so ethereal. All of their shades retail for only $5.00 USD too. In addition you can do a customized shade in that you can take any of their shades and add a opaque or translucent glitter to it, which is such an awesome way to spunk up any shade that strikes your fancy. The only thing about the custom shades to keep in mind is that you'll need a sticky base for them. The customized shades are only $5.50 USD.

6. Haus of Gloi: Perfume Oil in Depravity
I love the long lasting scent that these perfume oils have. I personally like to dab some in my elbows and on the ends of my hair (as my skin tends to breakout in most areas due to fractioned coconut oil which is what is used as the base in these). You can also use these in a warmer for a room. They cost $12 USD for 5ml which lasts a decent amount of time as you need so little. Depravity is my favourite, they describe the scent best as: Pure corruption: clove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine.

7. Limnit Lipsticks: in Olly Olly Oxen Free
These lipsticks are great. Long-lasting, comfortable mattes with great pigmentation, and they only cost $12.95 USD.
Olly Olly Oxen Free swatch
Olly Olly Oxen free is a deep ox-blood shade with a slightly purple undertone (which I prefer to the brown tones some oxblood shades have). I also like the clear portion of the packaging so you can see the actual shade through the tube. Plus, if you don't like this shade they have 22 more.

So these are my current top 7 indie favourites. I personally love indie companies, they seem to be more innovative and focus on having really great formulas. If there are any indie products out there you love or want to know more about let me know which ones, I'd love to test out some more and report here for you!

Disclaimer: All these products were purchased by me.

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