Saturday, November 6, 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Vintage Polish

The last of my Eyeko polishes I ordered, Vintage Polish for Elegant Nails, is a slightly dusty mint green. It's lovely but I'm not really digging it for this time of the year, I'm sure I'll like it more when spring comes around. Shown is 2-3 coats depending on the nail, and I had some dragging issues with the polish application. Not nearly as bad as Rain was but not great either. 
I'm on my third day of wear now and it's going well no chips, some tip wear but that's normal. It's a lovely cream but I'm feeling a shimmer urge so I'll probably change it tomorrow after my paper for university is done (I've barely started, so things will be interesting tonight!).
Rating: 7/10

Something to keep in mind, there are different places to order Eyeko from. Of course it's up to you where you order from (or if you order at all), but I didn't have a good experience with Eyeko's customer service. Just a FYI.


  1. This looks really pretty and I need to find a good mint. I ordered Essie Mint Candy Apple last year, but it looked really bad on my skin tone. :(

  2. That always sucks when you look forward to a colour and it doesn't work out for whatever reason. This one isn't a traditional mint but I do really like it still :D