Monday, November 15, 2010

Nubar Polish Sale!

Quick deal alert! Sorry I haven't updated as often this last week, I've been really busy with school and feeling pretty crumby. I'm hoping for some inspiration to hit soon! Anyways today I saw this great deal on Nubar nail polish (I have Gem by Nubar and it's one of my favourite polishes ever! Check it out Here!)
Nubar's deal is for 30% off any purchase of $30 or more from now until Nov. 30th! Yay! The code used at check-out is NOV3030
I believe it is usable on all polish collections, not just the newest (pictured above). 
Some raves I've heard are for Purple Beach, Peacock Feathers, Wildlife, and Greener. Of course Nubar has a ton of really lovely looking polishes and they're all Big 3 free and Vegan friendly. Clicking here will take you to the website By Nubar.

Anyone have any favourites by Nubar?

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