Friday, November 5, 2010

Rexall Haul (and Coupons/Deals for Canadians @ Rexall!)

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First the most interesting stuff for you, the coupons and deals starting Nov. 5th (today) for this week!
At least for Ontario Canada

25% off Annabelle
25% off N.Y.C. (Plus an extra 25 air miles points with every 3 N.Y.C. items purchased)
25% off Prestige
25% off Almay
20% off Marcelle
20% off Physician's Formula
20% Rexall Brand Tools and Implements
Plus in the e-flyer there are a ton of coupons for varying amount off. The two best though in my opinion are:
- Nicole OPI
- Revlon Nail Polish and other Revlon cosmetics

and here's what I got!
Annabelle Mono eyeshadow in Lagoon
Annabelle empty Quad
Lagoon in the Quad
Lagoon Swatch (So beautiful!)
Swatched again from my finger. Love the slight metallic touch it has.
Prestige Eyeliner in Rhapsody (dark blue)
Rhapsody swatched
Another tub nail polish remover (The lemon one I have smells awful!)
Three Nail Polishes!
Revlon Nail Polish in Ruby Ribbon (Look at the lovely shimmer!)
Honestly this is supposed to be suede but I'll most likely use a top coat to shine them up!
Revlon Nail Polish in Emerald City (Another Suede) 
Nox Twilight Nail Polish in Debutante
(So pretty! Somehow in different lighting this manages to be pink, purple and coral with gold shimmer.)

And here's some of the displays :D
Left to Right: Debutante, Wine and Dine, Talon, Red Velvet
Left to Right: Red Velvet, Poseidon, Chiffon, Disco Darling
Left to Right: Chiffon, Disco Darling, Red Velvet, Sangria, Black Tie
Left to Right: Fire Fox, Ruby Ribbon, Emerald City, Powder Puff
Far Right is Silver Fox Quad Eyeshadow
If you want a review of something in particular leave a comment and I'll work it in! :D


  1. they have the twilight nail polish in canada?
    i don't like the books put the polishes look AMAZING!

  2. I didn't expect to see the Twilight Polish here either and personally I was super excited! I wanted them all. But yes I saw them in a display in my Rexall. Best of luck finding them! (Mine had them originally $9.99 CND and on sale for $9.59 CND)