Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick update and a tip

If you're a Canadian student of any age, it's most definitely worth your time to get an SPC card (Student Price Card). These cards along with your student I.D. offer you discounts at a ton of places. A couple examples are Zellars, Rexall, Aerie, Ardene, and The Body Shop. It's not just places that sell cosmetics though it's food, fashion, living, sports and even travel too. Best of all it doesn't cost much to get and it's valid for a full year. And if you're a Bank of Montreal member you can get your card for free. You can check it out at .

As for the update, it's blogging month where bloggers are encouraged to post everyday. I'm not sure I'll manage that though as I've got so many projects going on at the moment I feel like I'm drowning. This will probably be the only post today, hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow so I can post something a bit more interesting.

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