Friday, November 19, 2010

Fair November

If you're in the Guelph area (in Ontario, Canada) this weekend be sure to stop by the University's Fair November. Fair November is an Artisan craft show, where the University Centre on campus is full to the brim with all kinds of fantastic woodwork, stone work, pottery, jewelry, clothing, bags, jams, honey, christmas ornaments... you get the idea. I went around and took some pictures of some of my favourite things from the fair though I've missed a bunch. This is by no means a complete idea, but a glimpse. I love Fair November because not only does it allow very easy Christmas shopping, there is so much to look at and some of the things are so unique or beautiful. Plus since exams are coming up most of us here need a break from the stress!
Beautiful, fabric autumn leaf tapestry
 (More stunning in real life)

No that's not food, those are scented candles! Amazing!

One of the cutest ornament booths in my opinion is these stiff linen angels. You can get them named and the detail on them is just lovely.
Look it's a Nativity scene! So cute!

Blue Frog Jewelry had some amazing pieces! I wish I was a little richer to buy some of these pieces!
I adore the branches on these necklaces, and the semi-precious stones. This type of jewelery always strikes me as ethereal. Very elven woods :D.
I really liked the displays for this booth too, loved the wood and the flowers and the glass!
Blue Frog Creations- Heather Caton
 Phone: 519-885-7387
Another fun one is the really neat inlaid wood boards and the jewelry chests! There are always some beautiful and interesting pieces here!
Look at the shimmer on the left one, and the piano and roses on the right!
Isn't the sunflower one lovely?
I had to include this one, I just think it's so funny with the wood 'eaten' away!
This guy comes back every year and his stonework is always so lovely! Very well made, well stained and detailed!
Love how he put moss in the background, especially as in Celtic tradition The Green Man (shown here) is a god of nature and fertility.
Who doesn't like mushroom art?
This artisan (Bea) was lovely to speak to, and she looked great in her jeans and adorable 'bum warmer' that she makes, which are warm looking mini-skirt shaped things. Perfect and trendy for the Canadian Winter! (I may have to go back and get one). She also has these large button bags which are adorable! As you can see they come in a bunch of different colors and the buttons have some really nice detail work on them that makes them quite unique! 
Honeybea Design Hive by Becky Caulford
Here's one of the bumwarmers
And the slightly blurry but still cute sign!
Beautiful brown and blue pottery dishes. I love the design on these!

I love the frosted glass look and the tree vase is so neat!

Same glass booth as the vase above, only butterfly ornaments! The flecks of different colours in the wings and the details make them really stunning. (Click to see a bigger picture!)
Hanging Stained Glass piece

Another Hanging Stained Glass Piece. The photo doesn't do it justice, and it was huge!
Lynn Chidwick- Stained Glass Artist
Based in Guelph
Phone: 519-763-8645

This artist had the awesome idea to be able to switch up the glass beads in her jewelry!
Such a great idea!
Look at all the colour beads these earrings come with!

It's Not Just A Look
It's A Collection
Conservations in Jewellery
Based in Brockville
Phone: 613-345-2577
One of my favourite booths, the jewelry is stunning, and the wood and moss really hits it off well with me!
Look at the dried leaf paper backgrounds!
Muskoka Soap Company Soaps
If you want any specific information make sure you e-mail me tomorrow at the latest and I can try to get it for you on Sunday! Hope you enjoyed (I know I did lol)


  1. I don't suppose you have a list of all the artisans who were at the fair in 2010? I lost the info for one of these my girlfriend really liked. I can be reached at deweerdtdavid at gmail dot com. Thanks!