Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wet n' Wild Vixen Mittens Holiday Polishes

Top Row Left to Right: Dancer, Dasher, Blitzen, Cupid
Bottom Row Left to Right: Prancer, Rudolph, Donner, Comet
Thanks to naildiva87 for the image!
Have you seen the awesome Wet n' Wild Vixen Mittens Holiday Mini Polish collection out? This Limited Edition collection is beyond adorable, as all the polishes are named after reindeer! There is a polish for everyone of them except for Vixen, who instead has the entire polish collection named after her :P. 
Dasher- Fine silver almost holographic glitter, not opaque
Dancer- Large silver almost holographic glitter, not opaque
Prancer- Large hexagonal and fine red glitter, not opaque
Vixen- Name of the collection (honestly I just put her in here because this keeps the reindeer in order :D)
Comet- Silver and gold fine glitter with large circle silver/almost holographic glitter- not opaque
Cupid- Very light nude/cream colour with silver bar glitter- not opaque
Donner- Gold with orange undertone with silver bar and fine silver glitter- opaque
Blitzen- Pink Champagne with with small red glitter and super fine silver glitter- opaque
Rudolph - Candy Apple red with shimmer- opaque
Left to Right: Rudolph, Prancer, Donner, Comet, (Dancer is missing)
Image thanks to Jaybirdiscrafty!
Far left to right: Donner, Comet, Cupid, Blitzen, Dasher
Image thanks to Jaybirdiscrafty!
Personally I see Prancer becoming a crowd favourite right away as it's very similar to Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Slippers, and it just would make a wonderful manicure layered over a green over white don't you think? Very christmas tree ornament! I also quite like how unique Blitzen is, lovely and subtle but still very in theme. I can see this on an angel's nails actually! (I can see Dashers as an angel manicure too! Overactive imagination, right here, hehe.)
Thanks to naildiva87 for the image!
Click on any of the images to see them bigger! If you see these in store I think they're worth picking up, even though they are mini bottles. I just think the entirety of this collection is adorable! I only wish they had a vixen polish, maybe a green!
What do you think? Hoping some reindeer will drop these off at your local drugstore, or should they fly on by?


  1. Great post! I didn't even make the connection between DL RRS and Prancer. LOL Which one is your personal favorite?

  2. Personally I'm fond of Prancer, though Blitzen is a close second. Thanks so much for your comment :D

  3. Do you know if I could find these at Zellers?

  4. I've heard these have popped up in Rexall, I'm still waiting to see them in my local Zellars. They may also make it to Walmart but might not too. I'd say Zellars and Rexall are your best bets. Good Luck!

  5. i found them today at a loblaws superstore in mississauga ontario. but i also find these LE collections often in zellers. hope that helps some of you canadians!