Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wearing Blue Eyeshadow

Eye Shadow by Urban Decay at ShopStyle

Most people are frightened of wearing blue eyeshadow. This is a real shame as blue is a lovely eyeshadow colour, especially as it really brings out brown eyes. However, people automatically assume it's going to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.
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Scary. This is the epitome of wearing blue eyeshadow wrong. The thing to keep in mind if you're trying blue eyeshadow for the first time is to use it as an accent to the look. Line the lash lines or use a navy in the crease with a gold or brown. The best way I find to wear with blue shadow is to wear a similar shade of blue somewhere else so it doesn't look out of place. Blue earrings, a blue sweater, blue pipping on a purse. By tying it back in it won't look random or garish. Another thing to try it using it lightly. Take a fluffy brush and lightly brush it over the lid so there is only a hint of blue. A lighter blue would also make a good inner eye brightener, a little pop of colour. By using a light or dark blue it won't feel garish, especially if you use it in a limited way. I truly believe that blue is a wearable colour.

Here's a look I did recently with Urban Decay Mary Jane and Prestige Rhapsody eyeliner.

And some blue shadow looks on models!
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What do you think? Possibly more open to blue shadow now?


  1. Its sad that when people think of blue eyeshadow the image of Mimi pops up! :p Even though I am a nudist, I do go to the other extreme and love color. Blue is a good one and purple is another.

    Nice blog! :-)

  2. Hrm. I think you have to have the right complexion for blue...sadly, I don't think my ruddy Irish coloring is going to work with blue!