Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOTD: Twilight Nox Debutante

This is one of the Twilight Nox polishes that was released in association to the Twilight novels and movies. And honestly, even if you're not interested in Twilight at all this polish seriously rocks! I love the crest on the bottle I think it's super cute, and I think the colours for the line are nice (even if some of them aren't super unique) but the best part about this polish is the quality!

As you can see above, Debutante is a lovely purple-pink with a strong gold duochrome. Very girly, a bit too much so for me but still a lovely colour. In some lights it appears lilac and in others it appears solid gold. A great subtle but still unique colour. The quality though is one of the best I've used. It was opaque easily in two coats and the wear has seriously lasted me over a week with very little tip wear. I'm so impressed! I'm really not easy on my nails and my manicure still looks decent even after spending time washing over 40 sponges and doing major cleaning this weekend in my townhouse.
Though as you can see there was some subtle brush stroke lines I'm still seriously impressed with this polish. It's held up so well and the duochrome is just so intense! I'd love to try some more from the line! The bottle contains 0.58 oz and cost around $6.99 USD. You can check them out further at there website here :D. Completely worth overlooking the vampire angle if you're not into that sort of thing! (And definitely worth looking into if you do like Twilight! :P)

Sprite Rating: 9/10 - Lost one point for brushstrokes and the fact it's kind of hard to find.


  1. Hrm. I've seen these polishes in my local drugstore, but I haven't picked them up. I'll have to give one a go next time!

  2. I was and am so surprised by how long this polish lasted! I can see why it would be easily passed by, I almost did, but the quality really is there!