Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clarins Winter 2010 Barocco Collection

She's stunning isn't she? Very classic sophisticated look perfect for the holiday season in my humble opinion! I think Clarins really hit the nail on the head with this collection.

Face Shimmer & Glitter by Clarins at ShopStyle
Shimmering Gold Powder for face, neck and chest. These gold nuggets are really metallic looking which makes me want them so much! They cost $ 35 USD and I love the packaging on this as well. Clarins describes this as a powder that is formed into gold nuggets presented in a an elegant black cylinder, decorated with a black scroll. So classy!

Makeup by Clarins at ShopStyle
Rouge Prodige Lipstick. This lipstick has a stunning case and only comes in this one colour, a "deep purple velvet, for a glamourous, sophisticated look for the holidays". So pretty! This I believe is what the model is wearing in the photo.

Eye Shadow by Clarins at ShopStyle
Boringly called Barocco Eye Colour Trio. Though this case is anything but boring! Costing $40 USD, the eyeshadows are presented in a black case with a glossy white-gold lid. Love the contrast here!
Image from British Beauty Blogger's Blog

This is the killer of the collection, the Face compact. This beautiful imprinted powder costs a whopping $55 USD and can be used as a highlighter, an all over powder or possibly a very light blush. I suppose it depends on just how sheer it actually is. I love how the design in the powder and the packaging, but $55 it steep for me.

This collection is out in stores now. I definitely want to check these out in stores. Clarins is a brand that has recently come on the radar for me and I must say, I'm excited to see more from them. Anything you've used from the brand before that you were impressed with? What do you think of the winter collection?

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