Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Up Forever Aquarelle Swatches

Eye Shadow by Make Up For Ever at ShopStyle

From when these first came out I wondered what the heck they were. Little vials of pigment powder? A gel? Liquid? And what were they used for? I finally took the time to find out this weekend and here are the answers for you!

Aquarelle is a water based thick liquid paint-like substance for the face and body. Only the slightest amount is needed for pure powerful pigmented packed colour. Sephora only carries twelve of the 21 shades but the selection is still good and these are multi-possible-usage items too.
Eyes and Cheeks: 3 (Royal Blue), 6 (Apple Green)
Lips and Cheeks: 7 (Bright Primary Red), 8 (Safety Orange), 10 (Yellow-based Pink), 19 (Blue-based Pink)
Eyes, Lips and Cheeks: 1 (Black), 2 (White), 9 (Bright Primary Yellow), 11 (Violet/ Medium-Dark Purple), 15 (Metallic Gold) and 21(Pearly White)

The Colours my Sephora had-
Top Left to Right: 10, 8, 9
Bottom Left to Right: 3, 7, 11, 19, 15

Top row, Left to Right: 15 (Gold), 19 (Blue-based Pink),  9 (Yellow),  11 (Violet)
Bottom row, Left to Right: 8 (Orange), 7 (Red), 10 (Yellow-based Pink), 3 (Royal Blue)
I think these are best for make-up artists and fantasy artists as these are perfect for crazy stage make-up. I think they'd also make an interesting liquid liner for the eye but I'm not sold on these for everyday use. They are supremely pigmented though so they may make a nice lip colour but I didn't want to try it. My favourites out of the ones I saw were the Violet one (# 11), the Royal Blue one (# 3) and the Gold one (# 15). The gold truly looked like liquid metal on my hand so I was very impressed by that one, especially as it doesn't look gold when it's in the bottle. Open it up however, and you can see the jewel-like liquid inside.
Overall it's an interesting make-up item. Definitely more of a speciality item, even more so when you factor in one little bottle is $20 CND. What do you think? Are they pigmented enough to possibly have major use for you or are they just too strange for your wallet to feel the urge to spend.

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