Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NOTD: Nubar Gem

Nubar Gem from the Prisms Collection
After seeing numerous swatches of this online I caved one day and ordered a bottle online from ebay. This polish is the most fantastic and unique one I own. With true holographic glitter (that usually appears green or silver) and a taupe base I was a little warey of ordering it, afraid I'd not like it in real life. However, this is not the case and its as fantastical as it is online. As I said the base colour is taupe which makes it neutral enough to wear to work or school, but the neat thing about this is the duochrome effects. In some light it appears silver, others, mauve, lilac, violet and dark brown, all with a subtle fine glitter through out to add interest. Below are some pictures in different lighting to try and capture some of the effects.

I like the formula of the nubar, which only needed two coats to be opaque but was quite thin/runny with the first coat which is a little intimidating due to my past experience being with mainly thick formulas. I do however, like the formula, I just needed a little self adjustment time :D. In other blogs I was told that the glitter is quite rough, but I haven't found this, yes you can feel there is glitter but it's not huge chunks, nor is it that rough when dry. I fixed any texture feel with a top coat which completely eliminated the problem. I've also found it has lasted quite well with very limited tip wear (3 days- great for me since I'm hard on my nails!) 
See! Greenish glitter! So neat!
Overall, I'm adoring this nail polish, I'm eager to check out more colours by the brand as they see to strive for unique polishes as well as being Big Three Free and vegan. 

Rating: 9/10-> Lost one point for slight texture and very thin formula.

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