Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cute Purses! (From Duty Free)

During my small pop across the border this week, I stopped at Duty Free. There they had the most adorable purses for sale at reasonable prices (around $50). Amliya is the brand name and I went a little crazy and had people laughing at me while I took pictures with my iphone. 

I love this carriage one, it reminds me of Cinderella's ride to the ball! I also like the neat sort of animal print all over the outside.
And for those of you who love shoes, this one comes with a heel and rhinestones galore! (Not to mention the red leather and actual sole on the bag!) 

These two tigers totally blew me away! I particularly love how they have their paws crossed under their chins, and the detailed yellow eyes.
I actually cooed when I saw this. I have a grandmother who adores owls and I instantly thought of her when I saw this. The detail work on this is exquisite- up to and including the ear tufts! Really wonderful.
I don't know why but the snail was one of my favourites! If I bought one, and I was tempted, it may have been the snail. I just think the little antenna are adorable, plus I loved the pattern they chose for its shell. To me the shell makes a perfect carrying compartment because it's the snails home anyway! :D

Pink Poodles anyone? All you'd need is the poodle skirt and you'd have an entire fashion statement going! I particularly love the eye lashes, they give this whole posh, french cafe chic feel. 
The bee had wings that actually lifted up so you could flap them! And both the Indian elephant and the bee had these lovely iridescent eyes. I love them both, the many textures are awesome! And finally last but not least we have:

The Black leather sausage dog, and
The Pug purse, perfect for those who like purse dogs, but are allergic so you can have a dog purse, lol. At first glance you would think this little guy is real!

So what do you think? Cute right? These are so up my alley with adorable animals as fashion statements! 

Here are a couple other pictures from my trip if you're interested (it wasn't that exciting a trip, the purses where the highlight, well them and the tax free Christina mall in Delaware- bleh business trips):
Neat, courtyard art in the Christiana Mall in Delaware (no sales tax, whoot!)
I loved the pattern of the fabric for the dress of this jewelry display.  The cart girl looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her if I could take a picture.
One of the prettier stretches of highway. (I was almost loony with boredom at the time, so I started taking iphone pictures :P)
And another....
And finally my turquoise toe nails. :D
Hope you enjoyed!

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