Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Because It's Pretty

Just Because It's Pretty: Honey Edition!
I don't know about anyone else, but I love honey. I love the smell of honey, the taste, the pattern of beeswax and honey comb and the moisturizing/ antibacterial benefits it can have for your skin. So, today, I present two honey comb themed items for the Just Because It's Pretty series. (I was going to upload a review, but I left my iphone cord at home, so I can't upload the multitude of pictures I've taken. I'm going to be writing up reviews/posts and posting a bunch when I get the cord back in a week.)

First Up: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca Eau de Toilette
Image from Sephora Site
I chose this due to the unique top of this perfume. The lovely gold honey comb really brings to mind hazy summer days and meadows. It's also why I chose this particular scent from the line, as Sephora describes it as: 
"Herba Fresca is like a barefoot stroll on a summer morning through a garden wet with dew, the scent of fresh cut grass filling the air with each step. A touch of mint, a sparkle of citrus, and a tingle of wild flowers, Herba Fresca evokes a feeling of pure freshness in direct contact with nature."
Sounds lovely to me! This retails for $58 USD, and holds 2.5 oz of liquid.

Second is: Mac's Naked Honey Hi-Light Powders in Honey Light (lighter shade) and Golden Nectar
Google Images
*drool* These beautiful shades came out in a previous limited edition Mac collection, but they are still lovely to look at! In a warm golden brown and a beige both colours came with a honey comb pattern imprinted on them and a gold sparkly overspray. Both have a pearl-esque effect to them to create a subtle shimmer/ highlight when worn. Honestly these pictures make me want to smell it, in hopes it is scented like beeswax!  Heres some more pictures.
Honey comb on honey comb lol! Here you can see the true colour of the powder without overspray in the centre. 
The Mac image, showing both powders without overspray.

When they were released these powders retailed at $29.50 CND, and holds 10 grams of product. I think the lighter of the two would work for all skin tones, and the darker, would be great for medium to darker tones as a bronzer or contour shade.

So, what do you think Honey? (Sorry I couldn't resist the pun! :P)


  1. Mmm, Herba Fresca smells so fresh -- it's great for the summer. (Actually, the *whole* Aqua Allegoria line is pretty great for the summer!)

    MAC released a honey-scented perfume with the Naked Honey collection, too ;) From what I've heard, it was lovely!

  2. I did see the perfume during my research, but didn't find the packaging attractive enough to include, lol. I did however spy the upcoming guerlain winter collection, and it has some beautiful bee related bottles. Hehe thanks for the comment!