Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review: Mac Chromographic Pencil NC15/NW20

Chromographic Pencil with Box

This pencil was recently released during the Pret et Prepier collection but is permanent from the Pro Mac store. This super creamy pencil I love using mainly on my bottom waterline. I’ve also used it as a subtle brow highlight, or for discolouration but it’s not really a concealer, so I don’t recommend buying it for that purpose alone. What I love this for is to make my eyes look larger, and healthier. This is because it covers the pink inner rim, and gives the illusion that its not as large, blending the line between the white of the eye, the rim and the lashes. Here’s some picture’s of me not wearing it and then wearing it.
Eye without pencil on waterline

Eye without pencil again.

Eye with pencil on waterline.

On waterline again.

Here's a look at the pencil on both eyes.

Overall, I love this. I love the finish it gives to a look. I love how little amount of product it needs per application. I like how portable it is. The only downfall is that it tends to migrate into my lash line after some wear, but it still gives a similar effect, especially if you just smudge it with your finger so its not a harsh line. So really this holds up well on my oily, watery lid. I highly recommend getting one of these pencils in your corresponding skin tone (or something close, a tone lighter really won’t make too much of a difference- lighter would be better as the idea is to lighten up and make the eye bigger, darker would make the eye smaller, and a close match makes it look natural).
Here's a swatch on my NC15 hand.
Close-up on the pencil end (nice wood look pencil shaft)

Pencil tip (it's been used), and amount of product in total.
Chromographic pencils are available in NC15/NW20, NW25/NC30, NC42/NW35, Pure white, Black, and ten other colour shades. It costs $17.50 CND.  And though the price is a bit steep, I will buy another once I’m out because I love the finish to a look it gives. Though I’ve used it at least fifteen times and I’ve not needed to sharpen it yet. 
And here's a full picture with the pencil included in the full look.
Rating: 9/10 -> this lost one point for the traveling it did after some wear time, other than that I love it! (And of course that traveling isn't too much so it's easily fixed).

So, does this sound like something you'd like? Leave a comment! :D

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