Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blogger Love! Miss Diorista

I've started a new section of the blog called Blogger Love! These are interviews with other bloggers that I really love! Not all of these are cruelty-free products only but they all update fairly regularly and are worth a look!
First up is Miss Diorista, this blog is by a great girl from Iceland named Gudrun. 
Check her out here! She features both beauty and skincare products as well as her baking creations! Enjoy!

 1)   Are you more of a Morning, Day, or Night time person?
I'm a day and night time person... I like to sleep in and stay up, and I can function quite well with little sleep. I sometimes find that I don't wake up entirely until in the evening! However, when I do get up early, I love all the extra time I get, and how beautiful everything is in the morning.

2)   Something you struggle with on a day to day basis?
Maybe going to bed earlier? That is really something I always mean to do, but somehow I never do it.

3)   Favourite Animal?
Definitely cats! They are so wise and beautiful.

4)   Favourite Colour?
I love so many colours, but I especially love green, all shades of green, blue and purple.

5)   Preferred foundation coverage and finish ex. Heavy coverage, matte
Medium coverage and I like a satin finish. However, I can achieve that finish with a setting powder, so I'm not too strict when buying foundation.
6)   How old are you?

7)   What do you do in everyday life? If you’re a student what is your major?
I'm a student. The school system here in Iceland is a little bit different from the one in the USA. Our "high school" is for 16 to 20 year-olds, so I'm halfway through. My main subjects are biology, chemistry and mathematics, but I also study languages.
8)   First makeup brand that really got you interested in cosmetics?
Dior! I think it was the design of the logo that first got me interested, it is so elegant, but when I got older, I learned that the products are great, too.

9)   Do you have any makeup or skin care items that are perfect for you? (HG items) If so which- include shade names.
I love the Diorskin Nude foundation, I'm in shade 010. My favourite eyeshadow is MAC's Satin Taupe, which I have as a single (not in a palette) so that I can take it with me wherever I go. It is the perfect contour colour! Otherwise, I try to rotate my products as much as I can, to keep things fun and fresh.

10)  What is your favourite food? Drink?
I think you can't go wrong with sushi, salmon sushi that is. I also love chicken with mango sauce. For a drink, I love the icelandic water, as well as sparkling water.

11)  Favourite Gem Stone?
Tiger's Eye! It is so pretty... with all the different yellow and brown shades in it... google it, you won't regret it!

12) Do you have any pets in your life? If yes, what are their names (and can we have pictures?)
Yes, I do. I have a four months old Persian kitten. She's a girl, and her name is Penny. She's so sweet furry and adorable!

13) One place you’ve never been that you want to visit?
So many! I really want to visit Egypt though, as well as explore the USA and Canada, since I've only once been to the USA (Boston, to be specific) and I've never been to Canada.

14) What inspired you to start your blog?
During my finals last spring (2010) I needed something to take my mind of the books in between exams. I started watching beauty videos on YouTube, and very soon I became completely addicted to makeup and skincare. There was no turning back! A few weeks later, during summer, I started thinking that I could maybe put everything I'd learned about makeup and beauty to use for someone else than just me - so I started my blog. I could never have imagined how much fun it is!

15)  What are some of the most useful things you’ve learned about since you started blogging?
There are many things you learn, but most importantly, I've learned how important it is to feel beautiful. Not only with makeup, but also without it. You have to learn to appreciate yourself.
And on a lighter sidenote, I've learned how easy it is to spend too much!

16) Favourite Season?
Here in Iceland, the seasons can be strange. The weather is somewhat unpredictable, and each season offers something beautiful. Right now, I'm loving spring and summer, but I also love the colours of autumn and the snow and the dark sky with the stars in the winter... I can't pick just one!

17) What do you use to take your blog photos? What type of computer?
I use a Casio Exilim 7.2 Mega Pixels. I like it and I don't like it... sometimes it acts up and blurries up all my pictures, especially if I'm trying to photograph the texture of a powder or the finish of a polish... but sometimes it is perfect, so I haven't decided to spend money on a new camera just yet. My computer is a HP Pavilion dv3, and I really like that one.

18) What genre of movies/books do you like?
For books I mostly like artistic books... ever read something and the text sounds and feels and touches your heart like music? That's the kind. However, I write myself, so I like to explore different styles and techniques as well.
For movies and TV shows I love exciting films, for example crime investigation and the like. I also love romantic movies and I of course enjoy a good comedy. I'm not so picky, actually.

19) Other hobbies or events that you’re involved in?
As I mentioned above, I write. I write both poems and short stories, and I've written one novel, which I have yet to re-write. I've also played the piano for ten or eleven years, and I love to sit down and play for a few minutes when I'm busy. It takes my mind off things.
Not to forget that I love to dance, especially salsa!

20) Most unique eyeshadow you own?
Make Up Store's shadow in Aqua. It is an absolutely beautiful aqua blue colour with the most unique shimmer/sheen I've ever seen. I love wearing it on my waterline every now and then, for a super-bright pop of colour!

21) Most unique lip product?
MAC's Beachbound lipstick. It's a glaze and it came out last summer with the "To The Beach". It is really unique, a shimmery apricot colour. Almost not a colour though, it's very sheer. I love using it over pink lipstick instead of a gloss, it's a new twist.

22) Favourite colour combinations?
There are so many beautiful ones, but I've been a fan of lime green and light purple or lavender for many years. It's bright and fun.

23) Favourite piece of jewelry? Why is it your favourite?
I'm not sure I have a favourite... I love one necklace this month, another one the next... however, some of my favourite pieces are earrings. Any kind, really, but since I haven't had my ears pierced, they have to be the old-fashioned clip-system ones. Those are getting rare and hard to find here in Iceland, but I stocked up last summer, when I was in Germany. Something about beautiful earrings changes the shape of my face in pretty way, which is why I love wearing earrings.

24) Best drugstore product you’ve tried?
Maybelline lipsticks! There are so many beautiful colours, the colour range is nice, they last well and smell amazing!

25) Random fact you’d like to share
I love all kinds of music, but jazz is what has me dancing and singing every single time!


  1. I think this will be a fun series! I love Miss Diorista, the blog is written in such a genuine voice.

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