Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sephora for OPI Safari Luxe Collection

New out for Summer is Sephora's by OPI Safari Luxe Collection, a set of polishes designed after a Safari- which to me is super cool, as I was lucky enough to go on a safari as part of my zoology major. One of the best experiences of my life! Anyways, enough about me, onto the collection!

Included in the collection are 6 polishes, and 3 animal print themed nail sticker sheets. They cost $9.50 USD for the polish, and $15 USD for a nail sticker package. 

First up and my favourite of the collection is Caught with my Khakis Down. A rather unfortunate name, but a lovely colour. I own a Safari hat in this shade, and some shorts.... Right, no reminiscing! It's a greyed sage green cream shade, which I think is chic and modern without being bright. Work suitable comes to mind.
Next, is a similar shade to the first only a little lighter and with a shimmer finish. A Color That Can't Be Tamed is a pretty less sedate alternative to Caught with my Khakis Down.
Hate to break it to the OPI people but there is no purple this shade in the Serengeti. Or really any colour close to this. Named I Don't Bite, this is a medium to dark shimmery purple shade.
Another shimmery colour, this lovely orange is called Once a Cheetah Always a Cheetah. This name makes me giggle, and the colour is quite pretty. I think of course everyone could wear it but that it would look particularly stunning on those with dark skin. For a look at the shade The Polish Aholic has a swatch (and comparison to a similar Zoya shade) in the link above. 
Wild About Shimmer is up next, a light champagne (with a pink tinge). As stated in the name this one is shimmery, but also quite sheer.
Last of the polishes is Don't Feed the Hand Models. Personally I think they could have come up with a better name, but such is life. This is a medium to dark nude pinky taupe shade with a cream finish.
Finally, we have the nail stickers. These you press onto you nail and then trim to fit. There are three patterns in this collection, but I've included the Tiger print in the images above as it is the other animal print offered by Sephora. From top to bottom we have the Giraffe, Leopard, Zebra Leopard mix and then finally the odd man out the Tiger.

What do you think of this collection? If you want to see swatches I highly recommend heading over to the Polish Aholic's Blog post here which has all the polishes. 

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  1. Really like all the shimmery ones, very pretty :)