Saturday, May 21, 2011

Interesting Magazine Ads

Isn't this ad for both the Pirate's of the Caribbean movie and the nail polish collection that goes with it gorgeous?! I absolutely love it! Such great representation!
This is from the same magazine, and I'm in love! These are slide on earrings from, a place with a ton of awesome designs for people that DON'T have pierced ears! Yay for no cartilage piercing (yeow!) I love the leaf design and they have some other awesome ones too!
This is the new IKEA Skurar plant pot. I know the white isn't great but with a bit of spray paint on the bottom with the lace left white (or vise versa) this would be totally awesome! Plus only $2.99 CND. I love the potential this piece has! Ikea has wonderful things. (Have you ever heard the Ikea song by Jonathan Coulton? It's hilarious and really catchy!)

That's all I've got at the moment, I might do something similar in the future. :D


  1. They have ear cuffs like that on Etsy, too :)
    I love the Opi ad.

  2. The ad is amazing - I can't wait for this collection to arrive here... I'm still waiting for Glam Slam, however, so I will have to wait for a bit longer I'm afraid...