Friday, May 6, 2011

Lorac TANtalEYES Palette~ Swatches & Impressions

Eye Shadow by LORAC at ShopStyle

Out for Summer, Lorac has released a eyeshadow quad called TANtalEYES. I think the name is really cute, if a bit corny. The palette itself however is lovely!

All four shades are generous in size and highly pigmented. The four colours- white gold, copper, olive green and burgundy are all shimmery almost metallic finish.
All four shades were beautiful! I really wanted the palette myself but I already own shades that are near identical for the two darker shades. Plus the palette comes with a bronzer illuminator that I wouldn't use so it would have been a waste.
The real kicker about this palette and bronzer though is the price for us Canadians. The set costs $47 CND or (for you lucky americans) $36 USD.

So what do you think a great summer palette or just more of the same?

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  1. Ooh those are so pretty and pigmented! But I think these colors remind me more of fall especially with those olive green and burgundy ones. Still, pretty!