Monday, May 2, 2011

Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray~ Review

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I recently bought this setting spray (Urban Decay's De Slick) that is supposed to control oil and keep make-up looking fresh all day. Great idea- failed in reality.

There are a couple good things about it so I'll state them first. It smells nice. The spray mechanism works well for a fine mist. The bottle is pretty. If used liberally both beneath and over foundation it may help a smidge.

By a smidge I mean I possibly might have been less oily on my cheeks but the rest of my face was the same- to be honest I'm not to sure there was much of a difference at all. I was still oily. My foundation still looked like it had been worn for hours.

The mist idea was a good one but if you accidentally inhale breathing becomes unpleasant for a few seconds as you cough and hack it out of your lungs. You don't get a matte finish to your skin, even when it first dries.

On top of this De Slick setting spray is expensive, it's $29 USD.

All in all, I'm returning this and getting something else. There wasn't a noticeable difference really and I expected more from a brand like Urban Decay and from such an expensive product (it's way way more money here in Canada- around the mid-thirties)

Sprite Rating: 2/10- got one point for nice smell and the good spray mechanism. The second point was for the very slight oil reduction.

Would I Buy it again? No, in fact the one I have is going back to Sephora.


  1. That's disappointing--- I guess the claims were too good to be true! Good thing you can return it =)

  2. Good to know this was a disappointment. I'll be saving my money. Great review!