Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hebridean Sprite Beauty's 1st Birthday!

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A year ago today I certainly didn't think I'd be here. As a sufferer of ADHD I have a sad tendency to start something and then get distracted by something else and leave things unfinished. However the wonders of make-up has persevered and Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog has made it to it's very first birthday!
As something that started as a way to express my more creative side as well as my need to shout out my opinion and keep up my writing skills this blog has most certainly accomplished it's original goal. I've also been able to really interact with some other awesome beauty junkies, felt like I've accomplished something and even had a stress reduction outlet! I've learned a lot and I hope I've been helpful as well.

In the coming year I hope to keep doing what I've been doing. Reviews, swatches, deals, links and opinions. Hopefully at least one giveaway and survey, as well as some sparse animal posts. I'm sure there will be more too- I'd love to hear your opinions! What would you like to see?

As a side note my Fyrinnae order came today! Perfect timing it's like a little gift to myself for this anniversary! How cool hmm? I hope to have swatches up soonish.

As for the coming couple of weeks things are going to be hectic for me! We're selling our house and moving to a completely different city- so packing, painting, cupboard and counter renovations and more will be going on. I'll try not to disappoint though.

Lots of Love to all my readers (I appreciate every single one of you!),
Krista, a.k.a. Hebridean Sprite :D


  1. Happy 1st Birthday!!! Love reading your blog!

  2. Thanks so much Tracy, I really appreciate it! I'm also really happy that my little posts bring you joy! :D

  3. Happy 1st bday! Its often that i post a comment but I read the posts! Keep up the good work!

  4. Happy 1st Blogversary!! YAY!

  5. happy 1st birthday to your blog!!!! thats great! :)

  6. Happy first birthday! Our blogs are growimg up, aren't they? :)

  7. @ Van I've noticed your comments in the past, I really do appreciate them! Thanks so much!

    @ Olivia, thank you for the well wishes :D

    @ Phyrra thanks! I can only hope to live up to your blog's standard one day!

    @ Romipo, thanks so much! I think it's pretty great too :D

    @ Gudrun- they really are growing up quickly aren't they!? Time just seems to be flying by!