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Indie Halloween Collections- 2011 Part 2

Hello all! I just wanted to say before I really got into the post that I'm not putting up all the Indie Halloween collections. This is mostly because I find the gory Zombie fad quite disturbing and so I just can't bring myself to post the Zombie collections up. In my previous post I literally hummed and hawwed for about 5 minutes on whether to include Meow's Zombie collection, and I did for completeness but that's it I just can't do it anymore! I'm a vampire girl at heart so I apologize but decay bothers me. So I just want to say I have nothing against these brands and their Zombie lines but I just can't deal with some of the promo images/packaging/names.

Onto what you're actually here to read about! (And if you missed it here's Part One Indie Halloween)

Venomous Cosmetics Happy Halloween Collection (i.e. not the Fear collection)
This one hasn't been released yet, but it should be available to buy on the 15th I believe. I can't wait as these swatches from VC's facebook page look gorgeous! Below is both swatches from the Fear collection and from the Halloween collection. I've mushed them together because I think swatches on skin are helpful and both of these collections will be for sale at the same time. You can see though that I've noted which items are from which collection. Fear is currently available and Halloween as I stated above will be released soon. These are Limited Edition though, I believe VC plans to take these down November 2nd. This isn't the full collection either there is still 2 more loose shadows VC will be adding to the Halloween collection.
P.S. I heard from a little birdy that Oct. 21st is Venomous Cosmetics birthday and that they'll be offering a 10% discount. Might be worth popping by their site that day. :D
Jack-O-Lantern: Pumpkin Orange Shimmer Lip Poison
Halloween Collection
Pressed Shadows from Fear collection L-R: Apocalypse, Claustrophobic, Secret Vampire, Buried Alive
Fear Collection loose shadows Clockwise from top Left: Paranormal, Haunted, Nightmare, The Beyond, Zombie's Reign
Lip Poison from Fear collection in Panic
Lip Poison from Fear collection in Spiders and Snakes
Lip Poison from Fear Collection in Epidemic
Lip Poison from Fear Collection in Pitch Dark
Lip Poison from Fear Collection in Drowning
Pressed shadows from Halloween Collection in L: Magic Potion, Loudest Heartbeat
Loose shadow from Halloween Collection in Curse of the Werewolf
Lip Poison from Halloween in Candy Apple
Aren't they fabulous?! I'm so excited to order from these collections! Curse of the Werewolf just looks amazing.
Next up is Morgana Cryptoria. Firstly, she released new Lip Glosses for fall with quite a few halloweenish colours, however they aren't specifically the Halloween release. Two new Lip Glosses (or Ghouloss as they are called on the site) were added for Halloween, as well as an eye themed eyeshadow collection. There will be a new blush called Gravely as well a purple-grey shade, and the lip glosses are now available to buy in sets of three mini tubes with a unique holder. The Gel Lipsticks are going to be coming out soon too. Can't wait!
Witches Brew Gloss
Sexy Spellcaster Gloss
Fangtastic Gloss
Eye See You Halloween Shadows collection
Swatch of Creepy Peepers shadow (doesn't it look awesome?)
Mini Gloss Trident
I think there collection image for Geek Chic Cosmetics says it all but I'll let you in on a hint it's a halloween cult classic movie.
Sweet Transvestite Lipstick swatched
Make sure to check out their facebook page for super close-up photos of the shadows for this collection. Wow bright! You can get the entire collection for a reduced price or purchase individual shades. :D
Here are a couple other places you can find swatches
Toxid Lotus Blog
Geek Chic Cosmetics Facebook

Fyrinnae is being slightly difficult this season because although some bloggers have gotten the collection, there is no sign of it (or any of their eyeshadows) on their site at the moment and no clue when they're coming back. However, here are two girls that have swatched the collection for you so go check them out. I've always had good experiences with Fyrinnae shadows in the past quality-wise and they are much more complex in person than can ever be shown on a computer screen. These shadows are not limited edition so there is no rush for you to order, unless of course if you want to wear any of the shades for Halloween.
Le Gothique
Makeup Zombie

Two smaller Indie companies that I've not tried anything from (nor do I know much about) are also getting sort of an honourable mention here. RagDolls Bath and Beauty, and Persephone Minerals.
Persephone Minerals is known for their Duochrome shades and I know next to nothing about RagDolls Bath and Beauty.
Persephone Minerals All Hallow's Eve Collection
L-R: Spirit Realm, Pumkinhead, Graveside Manner, Devil Doll, Cemetery Dirt, Deadringer
RagDolls Bath and Beauty This is Halloween Collection
The Beauty Spot has also got swatches and a review up of the This is Halloween Collection by RagDolls.

So that's it. Crazy right? But I love the halloween collections, everything is always so spooky and well named. Any collections you're definitely going to be buying from? Shades you are on the look-out for? Let me know!

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