Wednesday, October 19, 2011

True Blood Vampire Lips

Official True Blood Lips
I've been asked before how to capture the Vampirey goodness that is the True Blood Lips and this is my take on it! Enjoy!

I used:

  • Scarecrow Small deluxe Vampire Fangs
  • Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Twilight
  • Mac Kissable Lip Colour in Love Peck
You could also use:
  • Any set of Vampire fangs you want (though I highly rec. the Scarecrow brand, you can read my review here!)
  • Nars Cruella Matte Lip Pencil
  • Hourglass Siren Lipgloss
  • Any Dark Red Lipstick, to make a red darker apply a light layer of black lipstick and layer the red over it, you'll get a lovely rich red!
  • Also the paler you make you face the more the red will standout- I recommend a white matte eyeshadow over any skintone tone to lighten your skin colour without having major mismatch between you face and neck :D

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  1. I love those fangs! Thanks for being a part of the Halloween Link Party!