Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Haus of Gloi Yule Order

This is my small but hearty Haus of Gloi Yule Haul. I bought:
Peppermint Cocoa Whipped Soap (Reverie Scent)
Sample Scents in - Winter Divinity (Reverie Scent)
- Three Treasures
- Boreal (Reverie Scent)
- Snow Wolf
- Hearth
- Eggnoggin
L-R: Eggnoggin, Three Treasures, Snow Wolf, Hearth, Winter Divinity, Boreal
Eggnoggin- This smells exactly like egg nog. So much so that you get the slight eggy smell, and the rum and the sweet milk. I doubt I'll wear it very often but it is very realistic.

Three Treasures- I'm kind of on the fence for this scent. I don't dislike it but I don't exactly like it either. It smells mostly metallic with a very slight sort of musk/sandalwoodish undertone. Personally I think a male would like it more. I can see some people really enjoying this but not to my taste really.

Snow Wolf- Whoa evergreen! This one I just couldn't like as it's very sharp tree dominated. A bit too herbal for me. Very fresh!

Boreal- Much like Snow Wolf in that it is too herbal for my tastes. You can smell the eucalyptus right away with other things beneath it I can't identify. Very fresh as well. (Reverie Scent)

Hearth- An interesting scent which I do like, but isn't my favourite. You can smell the bread and faint dried fruit. I think this one is very much something that does speak of home-baking this time of year. I think it needs to grow on me a bit still but it's very homey and cozy.

Winter Divinity- My favourite of the bunch this is a relatively simple scent. It's peppermint and vanilla. It starts out quite strong with the peppermint with a very slight sweet note. Then over time the vanilla comes out more. Together they are really lovely and I think the name really suits! I can totally see a Winter Divine Being smelling like this! (Reverie Scent)

Lastly the Whipped Soap in Peppermint Cocoa smells amazing! I keep opening the container to smell it, and I've been longing for peppermint hot chocolate because this stuff smells exactly like the real stuff. No fake chocolate or cream scents here, just pure rich magnificence. Like Godiva truffles. It's even coloured to to look like there is bits of candy cane in it. (Which are actually cranberry seeds)

The soap itself is super light. You only need a bit and it applies and feels a bit like a cross between a soap and a moisturizer. It does make my skin less dry once you're out of the shower and it helps with shaving I found. One word of warning though because it is a peppermint scent don't use it on sensitive areas. A really lovely product that I'm glad I went out on a limb for to buy.

I believe Haus of Gloi re-opens after the holidays tomorrow with re-stocks of all the Yule scents. Be sure to check them out! Anything here that really catches your attention?

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