Monday, February 20, 2012

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Black Diamond~ Swatch & Review

 Normally, I'm not a big fan of either liquid liners or black liners and yet this Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner is both black and a liquid liner product. Most surprising is that I actually really love it as it's neither traditional liquid nor traditional black.
The shade is Diamond Black, number 14, and it's a black with a bucket-load of multi-colour super fine shimmer in it. 
The formula on this is a little strange too. It's an almost runny liquid that needs to be shaken very well before use. If it isn't shaken enough it goes on really sheer and sad looking. It also needs to be applied to one eye and then re-dipped before the next, even if it seems to have enough product on the wand. The thing about it though is after it dries (which it does fairly quickly thank goodness as it transfers really easy when wet) it stays put really really well. It's fairly easy to apply a thin line with the felt tip applicator though it takes a little bit of practice as the felt is quite stiff.
Though my shots are a bit blurry, I wanted you to be able to see the fantastic shimmer throughout these and blurry makes the colours show up the best. 

 Removal is very easy, all you need is hot water. This is great because I use blinc mascara which removes with hot water too so I can get both at once. It comes off similarily as well as it comes off in bits, here's a pic of it half-off to give you a better an idea of what I mean.
 What I was really worried about when purchasing this was wether the liner would actually show the shimmer when on my eye. If I wasn't getting the sparkly effect I wasn't going to keep this. Luckily it has a wonderful golden sheen when it's on. It looks nice and dark still but no matter what angle you look at it there is always a lovely gold flash. Here is some pictures of it on the eye.

Finally, the packaging itself. Honestly, for the amount of money this liner costs they give you hardly any product at all. The handle itself is larger than the vial of liner which bothers me and feels like they're ripping me off. It does make it easy to hold though I suppose. I do like how they show the colour of the liner on the end of the cap however.
 The price of this liner is a cringe-worthy $26 CND, and only 0.058 oz. It is definitely an indulgence item, but I do love the uniqueness and versatility of this shade.

If you click above, the picture will take you to the Sephora page where it's for sale and the official description of the make Up For Ever Aqua Liner.

Overall, this is a good product for the most part. The colour is unique and still highly wearable with pretty much every make-up look. However, it is very expensive (with tax about $30 CND) and you don't get very much at all.

Sprite Rating: 7/10, because it's a lovely product but they really are ripping us off for the price of it.

Would I buy it again? As an indulgence every once in a while? Yes. As an everyday staple, no. It's just too expensive for everyday use although it is a beautiful shade. So eventually I may buy it again as it is a unique shade, but I won't get some of the shades that are common on the market like the plain dark black or plain dark brown.

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  1. This is my favorite shade in the MUFE Aqua Liner range! :-)