Monday, February 20, 2012

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics~ Review and Swatches

A little while ago Scaredy Cat Cosmetics (a company I had been interested in trying for a couple of months) was having a 20% off sale so I snagged an order. I originally fell in love with their awesome artwork and had actually discovered them when they released a pressed eyeshadow palette- the first indie company I know of to do so. Looking through the etsy site the colours are really unique and the packaging is adorable so I got a sample set of five shades (your choice) for $5 USD and two full size shades also $5 USD each. Shipping was really inexpensive too!


I absolutely adore the little triangle jars for the full size shadows. The artwork is just so cute and fun, and I like you can still see the colour of the shadow inside. There were a couple bubbles in the stickers which made me sad but the designs are well done. The first time to open the little jars is a bit difficult, they are well sealed. I found if you start twisting in the opposite direction and then the correct direction they open up better. Also the shaker/sifter top is a bit strange, be careful if you try to pry it out as it's very well in there and the jars are full right to the top with pigment so you need to have a firm grip on the entire thing to prevent spillage.

Arctic Royal

Arctic Royal

Arctic Royal

L-R: Metamorphosis, Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo, Nevermore
Metamorphosis, Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo, Nevermore
The little sample vials are super cute too with quite a bit of product to them. They have rubber stoppers that cap them off. I find that the stoppers are the easiest thing to work off of because the top of the vials aren't very wide so you can't get a brush in them. I'll likely press the samples into pans so they're easier to use.
T-B: Hedgerow, Arctic Royal, Metamorphosis, Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo, Nevermore
The shades I purchased are:
Hedgerow: A duochrome light purple/blue shade with a cute hedgehog design. 
Arctic Royal: A light greyed periwinkle shade with Narwhals swimming around.
Metamorphosis: Very light metallic pink with slight violet reflect and butterfly artwork.
Phoenix Tears: Coral pink-orange shade with an almost pink-gold reflect. Really beautiful (and unlike anything else I own!) Like the name has a fire and phoenix motif.
Fomhar: A spice inspired shade this is a lovely medium orange-brown, perfect for fall. The little dragon on the jar is so freakin' adorable I almost got the full size just for his picture. 
Foo Foo: My favourite of the samples I picked up, Foo Foo is a subtle yet distinctive light yellow with slight green duochrome. It also has a cute rabbit and flower design.
Nevermore: Blue-black base with light blue shimmer. I like how the Scaredy cat description likens the shade to a star filled sky. Shown off with ravens and hearts.
T-B: Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo, Nevermore
T-B: Metamorphosis, Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo
T-B: Hedgerow, Arctic Royal, Metamorphosis, Phoenix Tears
T-B: Metamorphosis, Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo
T-B: Phoenix Tears, Fomhar, Foo Foo, Nevermore
I do like how on the site she had three pictures for each shadow one of the pigment spilling out of the jar, one of the jar from all three sides, and one used as an eyeshadow on an eyelid. It really allows you to get an idea of what the shade looks like. That said, I wish the main pages showed just one type of those photos so it's easier to navigate (i.e. only the jar design or only the pigment shot so they are all the same type of image). I'd also like the names to be on the main pages instead of some names and some descriptions of the shades just so everything is easier to find. 
I do like how clearly the vegan shades are stated from the non-vegan shades and how now you can order all the vegan shades as samples separately.
L-R: Phoenix Tears, Metamorphosis, Arctic Royal, Hedgerow
L-R: Foo Foo, Fomhar, Phoenix Tears, Metamorphosis
L-R: Nevermore, Foo Foo, Fomhar
The shadow swatches are all done over Darling Girl's glitter glue so they're a bit more opaque than with just a primer base. They're very nicely pigmented on their own though and the variety and uniqueness of the shades is wonderful. I love how each shade has so much thought put into it, you can really feel the dedication I think in each one.
The eyeshadows go on smoothly and wear well. Foo Foo makes a stunning highlight, especially for spring as it goes on semi-opaque as does metamorphosis and Hedgerow.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend checking Scaredy Cat Cosmetics out. The shades are fantastic, the packaging adorable and the prices are low. I also think there are shades for everyone available from neutrals to bolds.

Sprite Rating: 8.5/10 Lost a little bit for slightly difficult to use packaging, but otherwise an excellent product. And the designs are to die for adorable.

Would I buy them again? Yes, I totally would. In fact I'm highly considering a full size of Foo Foo and their pressed palette Family Jewels looks phenomenal.


  1. Oooo been waiting for some swatches always been on the fence with this company will deffo take a look

  2. These colors are beautiful! Scardey Cat has some very unique packaging! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Is there enough in each sample vial to fill an 18.5mm pan?

    1. Hey Ninja- yes the samples are very generous. I was able to fill to almost overfill the standard size eyeshadow pan with each vial. Way more in them then it appears when they first arrive! Hope this helps!