Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top items I'll be bringing out for Summer!

If you are at all like me in the summer I need to bring out products that not only hold up to the heat and sweat but also the sun, water, and fit the brighter colours of the season! Overall, that is quite a few different products from my normal routine, especially when I'm at the cottage which only has one air conditioning unit which isn't very good.

So I've made a list of my top sun and fun products in no particular order. You can click the names for the full reviews I've made of them in the past.

1) Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra Thin Matifying Fluid 
I love this product. Absolutely adore and I don't know what I'd do if they discontinued it. This is my main moisturizer which also mattes my skin and keeps it that way for hours. It comes in a great bottle, it is comfortable on and it actually has some skin enhancing ingredients.

2) Blinc Tubing Mascara
For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you've likely heard me mention this mascara. I adore it because due to my allergies I'm always touching my eyes, and this mascara won't smear and come off when I do that. It also lasts though Yoga, biking, crying and napping. Plus it comes off easily with warm water. I have this in both the black shade and the purple one (which you can't really tell is purple without looking really closely. Overall I love this product though, and a major part of easily looking great in the summer all day.

3) Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencils and Milani Shadow Eyez Pencils
These are pretty much the same thing at lease formula-wise. Creamy, high pigment pencil eyeshadows in a long lasting waterproof formula. They last all day, only fade the slightest bit with wear and don't crease even without a primer. There is a huge difference in price but the Urban Decay has a larger selection of colours. There are some dupes in Milani range though so be sure to take note!

4) Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful
I love this blush in the summertime! A beautiful pigmented bright coral shade that lasts a ton better than any of my other powder blushes last ( as in hours instead of mere minutes). Has a lovely uplifting sun-touched feel to it.

5) Smashbox Bronzer-Blush in Intermix*
Unfortunately since I received this Smashbox has started selling in China, and thus now tests on animals.  Note: Apparently they signed with PETA saying they aren't selling in China and thus are still considered cruelty-free (excluding their brushes which are real animal hair). It is just the other Estee Lauder companies that are still selling in China that are no longer cruelty-free.
Another lovely light bronzer-ish shade that really brightens and lifts your face with a sun-kissed glow. The only bronzer I've ever liked on my pale skin. Will be attempting to find a replacement for this eventually that is cruelty-free.

6) Glycolix Elite Sunscreen SPF 30
I'm super pale with very sensitive skin. This means I burn easily and sunscreen makes my face a super greasy mess. I really like this sunscreen however. It's matte on and because it's Zinc Oxide based it doesn't aggravate my acne. LOVE that it also goes easily under make-up. (Full review to come)

7) Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil or Tarte Lip Surgance Matte Lip Tint
I really like both of these pencil types. Both have twist up mechanisms which is great, but my favourite part of them is that they both are highly pigmented and the Tarte one in Hope that I have lasts because it's matte. Long lasting colours are what I want in this warm weather! (Full review to come)

8) Urban Decay Eyeshadows
Urban Decay eyeshadows are what got me into cosmetics. They're smooth and highly pigmented. They also have some amazing shades that really pop. Flipside and Jinx are two bright blueish colours that scream summer pool party to me. Just using a little to line the lower lash line brightens my whole face.

What are some of your favourite summer products?

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