Friday, November 25, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Not mine, I think I got it off one of my friend's Facebook wall so I don't know where it's from
Image from Musings of a Muse
This palette new out for the holidays from Physician's Formula looks like a great drugstore version of the famous Urban Decay palette. Plus I am loving the black lace packaging! Snazzy huh?

Lipstick by Bite at ShopStyle

This set of 5 lipsticks from Bite Beauty and Sephora look awesome don't you think? Plus they're a great deal at only $25 for the entire kit. The set includes a nice variety of wearable shades too in my opinion- a soft plum, nude rose, dusty rose, soft pink and pearly nude.

Eye Shadow by Too Faced at ShopStyle

Next on my list is definitely Too Faced's Poison Orchid eyeshadow from their Exotic Color Intense Shadow Singles line. The swatches of this beauty don't do it justice, as it's a fantastic deep plum shade with iridescence and a violet sparkle. You can see The Beauty Spot's swatches of it here! From Lacquered Painted Polished here; and from Phyrra here! :D

Makeup by Smashbox at ShopStyle
Smashbox's Soft Lights Fusion in Intermix is the only bronzer I've ever used on my super fair skin that looks glowy and pretty instead of dirty. I had borrowed a friends and fell in love. Seems I've got expensive taste though

Eyes Brushes & Applicators by Sephora at ShopStyle

I'm on the lookout for a really thin/precise flat tipped liner brush that has synthetic bristles. I'm not sure exactly which one I want but something not too expensive, I just want it for tightlining.

A ton of specialty nail polishes from Ilarowe and Cult Nails:
Time Traveler, image from R3Daily Blog/Cult Nails
Clarivoyant over Time Traveller from R3Daily Blog/Cult Nails
Cult Nails- Clarivoyant, Time Traveller and a black glass nail file
Glitter Gal- Lizard Belly (Swatches at TemptaliaAll Lacquered UpCosmetic CupcakeOnce Bitten Blog)
Glitter Gal- Light as a Feather (Swatches at Once Bitten Blog, Nailed Up, Also Known As)
A England- Tristam (Swatch at Nailasaurus)
HITS- Dionisio (Swatches at More Nail Polish, Dizzy Nails)
HITS- Hera (Swatch at More Nail Polish)
HITS- Artemis (Swatch at More Nail Polish)
HITS- Demeter ( Swatch at More Nail Polish)
Ozotic- Multichrome 503, 504, and 505 (Swatched at More Nail Polish 503More Nail Polish 504More Nail Polish 505)
Ozotic- large holographic 603, 618 (Swatched at More Nail Polish

Funtasma Red Plaid Mary Jane Heels
Image from Wikipedia
A mini tripod is on my list this year! A heavy duty one that can hold up my digital SLR so I can take better photos for this blog. I want to be able to give you more macro shots but working the camera and holding it with one hand is almost impossible!
Image from Donna Andrews website
This is the newest book out in one of my favourite series by Donna Andrews. If you like light-hearted funny murder mysteries Donna Andrews' Murder With Peacocks (the first in the series) is one of my all time favourite books!
From Octopus Stew (at etsy) this is a really cute ornament/pendent called Booella. Isn't it adorable!? And she glows in the dark. Oh how I love Cephalopod jewelry.

I'm also on the look out for a hemp-like belt. What I want most for christmas though is my family's good health and happiness for the coming year. What about everyone else, what is on your wishlists?

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  1. Thanks for the mention :D you totally do need Too Faced Poison Orchid!! Im eyeing Clarivoyant too but hard to get in the UK :|