Friday, November 11, 2011

Cult Nails Get It On Base Coat and Wicked Fast Top Coat~ Review

Cult Nails was offering a deal with the release of their Base and Top Coats Get It On, and Wicked Fast a little while ago and I've been putting both of them through the wringer testing them out! I've now used them for four separate manicures with differing types of polishes and formulas.

First off, like the other Cult Nail polishes, these are well priced ($8 USD each or $15 USD for the two of them together) and have a easy to hold sleek cylinder bottle with excellent brush. Both have excellent consistency- a ever so slightly thin formula that applies easily to the nail. Wicked Fast is especially surprising in this aspect because all previous quick dry top coats I've tried are gloopy.

Wicked Fast is clear whereas Get It On is tinted pink. At first I was a little skeptical about the pink tint with the Get It On but now I'm so glad! It does somehow seem to brighten the nail just by itself, it doesn't affect the polish colour layered over it at all, and it makes it easy to spot out of all my other polishes. I almost wish the Wicked Fast was tinted blue so I could spot it easily too!

Get It On has a slightly rubberized texture to it to help with adhesion as well as ingredients to help with peeling, spliting, strengthening, and thinning nails. That's a whole bunch of stuff in one! It doesn't help with my splitting nails that I sometimes get as much as the Nail Tek II does, but my splitting is quite hard core at times so I wasn't expecting it to fix it. It doesn't seem to aggravate the issue though which is nice. On top of all that Wicked Fast is supposed to keep the same consistency throughout the bottle (unlike China Glaze's Fast Forward coat which becomes a sludgy mess half way through) and of course like all of Cult Nails polishes is Big Three Free.

Wicked Fast dries quicker than any other quick dry top coat I've tried, including my well loved China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat. In addition to this you only need a thin layer of this stuff, which is the complete opposite of the China Glaze one which you have to almost flood the nail when applying. It also dries quite shiny too. Get It On has a very small drying time too.

Now onto what I'm sure most of you are waiting for, does it help my manicure last? GOSH YES! Plus, it dries so quick that I don't have to be careful with my fingers in worry that I'll ruin my manicure, and I never get the nicks or ripples that I sometimes used to get when the top layer of polish had dried my the layers beneath didn't and moved.

With the Cult Nails polishes I got an amazing SIX DAYS of wear out of the polishes before I noticed tip wear and chipping. That is literally unheard of for me! I am really tough on my nails, I'm forever typing, reading, writing, cleaning (I work in a lab as a lab assistant cleaning a bunch), washing, putting on moisturizer, etc. I'm usually lucky to get my nails to last three days, so as you can imagine six days is a miracle. Even my crappy polishes that only last one day on my nails with other base and top coats I get a minimum of three days wear with the Get It On and Wicked Fast combo.
Left Hand Day 7
Right Hand Day 7 (Dominant Hand so more wear)
Major chip on ring finger happened that day
The only thing I can say about these that is even slightly negative is that you need to remember not to blob on the Wicked Fast top coat because it can bubble if you do that, but since you only need a small amount it's more of a getting used to the better formula than anything else!

Overall, these were the best impulse purchase I've ever made. I seriously can't believe how awesome they are every time I do a new manicure. They work well with a variety of polish types, and are a cinch to use. If one of my friends decides to get into polish I'll be buying them a set of these because I'm in love.

Sprite Rating: 10/10 Holy Grail!

Will I purchase again? Yes. I most certainly will. I've already been eyeing my bottles trying to estimate how long they'll last before I need to make another purchase of them. I feel like I need to hoard them even though they aren't limited edition or going away! Go get yourself a bottle now!

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