Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Darling Girl Darling Deer Christmas 2011

I just recently tried out Darling Girl Cosmetics for the first time about a month ago with their adorable Darling Ghoul Halloween collection, and their Christmas collection Darling Deer is dragging me in despite my no-buy too! This collection is super cute, and exactly what I envision Christmas to be, yet it is really really unique at the same time! These are the preview pictures Susan of Darling Girl cosmetics has posted and I'm sure you all will be as blown away as I am!

Aren't they all awesome!? I'm totally loving White Christmas, Vixen, Rudolph, Holly Jolly, Dancer, Cupid, Cookies For Claus, Comet and Blitzen. If I had to choose just one it would be Comet, look how complex it is! 
Which ones are you interested in? Excited for Christmas/ Holiday of Choice?


  1. Its easier to me answer what I didnt like: vixen and dancer but I cant they arent pretty just im not in the mood for purples and greens.
    I think I will order some colors.

  2. OOh I like the looks of Comet, Donner, Holly Jolly, Rudolph, and Peppermint Crush!

  3. These are lovely! I can't believe how many of them seem distinct from anything I have... That doesn't happen to me often.

  4. I think too Comet is my favourite! I already ordered samples of the collection :)

  5. What a gorgeous collection! Dancer, Cookies for Claus and Comet are my favourites.