Friday, January 6, 2012

A Winter's Night Manicure~ Cult Nails Time Traveller Review

Not too long ago I ordered two bottles of polish and a glass nail file from Cult Nails. This post features a manicure using the blue polish I ordered (Time Traveler) as well as a review on both the glass file and the Time Traveler polish. Blackout (the slate grey shade) will be featured in an upcoming post.
First I'm going to tell you a bit about the file. It's glass and comes in a velvety black case with Cult Nails on the end and a fade to black effect. Also available is a red one. The nice thing about this file is that is has extremely fine grain which is easier on your nails- especially if you have nails that are prone to breaking, splitting and peeling. It offers a smooth finish and works really well. Overall, I like the file a bunch, it worked really well for shaping my nails and due to it's size was easy to handle. I also appreciated that both sides of the file are useable for filing and that it is solid glass (instead of glass around plastic, etc.). The only thing about it is that it gets dirty/worn quite quick when you're using it and then nail dust gets all over the black case.

Here is my manicure featuring Time Traveller. Time Traveller is a deep navy blue that has a finish that is half-way between a cream and a jelly. All pictures shown are only one coat. On the tips I dipped the wet polish into Darling Girl Cosmetic's White Christmas pixie glitter to make a winter's night look. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!

Time Traveller is a little on the thick side but still easy to work with. If I didn't have the tips covered my nails would have probably used another coat but with the glitter it's fine.
This polish has staining issues though so make sure to use a base coat. When I took it off of a previous manicure I was left with smurf fingers.

Overall, another great polish from Cult Nails! A bit thick and it stains but the colour and finish are lovely, as well as the polish having wonderful shine. It also wears well like all the Cult Nails polishes that I've tried.

Sprite Rating: 8/10 Lost points for staining and slight thickness.

Would I buy it again? Yep! I would. It's a great classic colour with a unique finish by a good company.

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