Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cult Nails Get Nekkid Collection (Pre-Sale!)

Cult Nails is releasing it's first collection of 2012 and it is yet another wonderful array of shades from Maria. Based off of skin tones each shade is named after Nude Beaches along with a stunning limited edition green shade called Toxic Seaweed (the extraterrestrial skin-shade :P). The set of 5 goes on pre-sale tomorrow for $40 for all five (that's like getting one of the polishes for free as they go for $10 each). 
I know I'm excited, especially as these nude shades really do represent all the skintones out there- there really is something for everyone! You can see Maria's swatches and the story behind the collection HERE! Most certainly worth the read.
Is anyone else wanting to Get Nekkid?

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