Thursday, January 12, 2012

Small Shop Shop Shop Cook Cook Cook Update

Image from Mac_Tiffany_J on twitter

Here is an excellent shot by one of the Mac artist's of the upcoming Mac Shop Shop Shop Cook Cook Cook collection (short form: S3/C3). In it you can see the variety of products coming out including tendertones, Kissable Lip colours, lipsticks, eyeshadow quads, fluidlines and Creamblend cream blushes.  I've got a couple of the names of the shades in the photo so here goes!

The bright tangerine orange tendertone in the top left hand corner is Purring (repromote). Also released with this collection are tendertone repromotes Hot n Saucy (Sheer Hot Red-Pink), Tread Gently (Bright Yellow) and Hush Hush (warm nude shimmer, so it most likely the one that appears gold in the photo above). You can see Temptalia's swatches of these when they first came out, HERE!

The red lipstick on the end of the row of lipsticks is most likely Quick Sizzle. (If it's not that one then Quick Sizzle is the red in the middle).

Most of the Kissable Lip Colors are repromotes from the Peacocky collection. However, I loved them when they were released and they're repromoting one of my favourites- Flaunting It so I'm really quite happy! You can read my original review on the Kissable Lip Colors formula here (even though the two shades are not repromoted with the collection the wear etc. should be the same).
Flaunting It is the top tube in the above photo- it's a beautiful greyed purple that is a really wearable berry shade. In the tube it looks a bit scary but on it's really lovely!
Beneath Flaunting It is Scandelicious, a hot pink shade.
So Vain is the bright orange.
Woo Me is the nude just below So Vain.
Enchantee is the light pink on the bottom. (I'm fairly sure, it may also be Vanity Fair)
Unfortunately, thus far I've not seen any new shades added to the Kissable Lip Color line for this release. You can see some of the original peacocky swatches for these shades Here.
Image from Beauty Junkies (not in English)
 Above is a picture of Tread Gently a yellow with shimmer.
Image from Beauty Junkies (not in English)
Of the 3 fluidlines the two I've got names for are Midnight Snack (Charcoal) and Added Goodness (Dark Brown)
Image from Beauty Junkies (not in English)
Image from Beauty Junkies (not in English)
 That's all I've managed to get so far! I want everyone to note none of these are my pictures and most of the info is from the wonderful people on the S3/C3 Specktra discussion board- thanks!
I'll post a lip swatch of flaunting it soon so you can see the shade on my lips. Hopefully that will be of some help.

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