Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bite Beauty Contour Lip Liner~ Swatches and First Impression

I apologize for the blurriness and boringness of the above photo the display for these guys almost passed me by completely because of this! These new Contour Lip Liners from Bite Beauty retail for $28 CND and I've never seen them before- in fact they aren't even on the Sephora website. I figured I's swatch them anyways and let you see these funky shaped liners.
The inside is slanted and colour-coded 
These come in five shades and seem to be very matte. There is a nice range here, something I think to fit everyone. I had a bit of a crumbling issue when I was applying and had to use a couple swipes to build up the colour for the swatches but I do think these would last a decent amount of time considering how they weren't easy to remove. Not too hard but not easily budged.
T-B: Wine, Cabernet, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Cashew
T-B: Wine, Cabernet, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Cashew

Wine is a medium to medium-dark red, Cabernet is a berry- fuchsia, Chestnut is a rose pink with a slight yellow undertone, Nutmeg is a brown nude with a slight pink undertone and Cashew is a brown nude with a slight yellow undertone.

Anyone else seen these before? Any idea why the website doesn't have these up?


  1. Hi there, where did you buy these?? I looked on Sephora and I could not find them

    1. Hey! I noticed these weren't on the website yet either, I think they're too new. I did find them in store at Sephora however. Hope that helps!

  2. That's great!! Thank you!