Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marc Jacobs Gel Crayons~ Swatches and First Impression

If you haven't heard there is a new brand out at Sephora by Marc Jacobs. I am unsure about the animal-testing status of the company. I'm going to try and find out more and will update here when I do. I haven't purchased anything from the line, I'd like to say (and I won't until I can determine the animal-testing status) I merely swatched the products in store.

These gel pencils are supposed to be an innovative for their use of a gel texture. I'm sure I've seen something similar before but I can't remember from where. First though here are the swatches.

T-B: Th(Ink), Intro(Vert), N(Ice), Ro(Cocoa), Jazz(Berry), Blacquer
T-B: Th(Ink), Intro(Vert), N(Ice), Ro(Cocoa), Jazz(Berry), Blacquer
The best shade by far was Blacquer- super opaque, super gel-cream texture, really really easy to apply- it just glides on. Ro(Cocoa) comes in second place just a tad behind Blacquer with the same texture and almost as good of pigmentation. It is a lovely satin shade of medium-dark brown.

Unfortunately the good dies off a bit after those two. Of the rest Th(Ink) an indigo shade (a dark blue with purple undertones, think blueberries) is the next best. This however doesn't have the same texture as the other two instead being much drier and lacking the 'gel' cream. You can build up the pigmentation with this until you get the desired result and a couple passes gets rid of any patchiness. N(Ice) and Intro(Vert) are about tied in terms pigmentation. Kind of patchy also and needing multiple passes. Also dry in texture in comparison with the first two shades. These two are also the sparkliest of the selection. Intro(Vert) is a kelly green and N(Ice) is a glittery silver. Finally Jazz(Berry) the most interesting colour in the line and the worst performer. Swatched so so patchy and seriously took way too much work to get the swatch I did. And if you look at the top picture you can still see the patchiness. Very disappointing, especially as the colour is so nice- berry with a burgundy metallic.

One thing I will say about these though is that they are really hard to get off! I seriously scrubbed at these swatches with a cotton round soaked with makeup remover and they barely budged. I still have remnants on my wrist where I couldn't get these all off!

Anyone seen the Marc Jacobs Beauty line yet? Does anyone know their animal testing status? What do you think of these liners?

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