Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con No. 7~ Swatches and First Impression of The Vamp and The Tease

The Vamp palette
Hey so here is another couple items I swatched on my latest trip to Sephora. Again I don't know about the animal-testing status for Marc Jacobs but I haven't purchased anything from them yet and will not until I can get confirmation that they are cruelty-free (of course if they do animal-test then I will not obviously).

The two of the four palettes I swatched are The Vamp and The Tease. These are the most colour of the palettes there is also The Starlet and The Lolita.

The Tease palette

Here are The Vamp swatches. 

All of these shades I found well pigmented, especially the matte shade. Unfortunately I couldn't understand why they'd put two very close to black silver glitter shades in this. One is more black-blue and the other more black-grey but they are so similar it seems a bit stupid to me.

 The Tease palette swatches. Sorry they're a bit blurry- Sephora lighting isn't the best. Again these eyeshadows are well pigmented and I liked the dark shades because they're different (purple micro glitter!) and a lovely navy. The mattes here were lovely too.

I kind of wish I had swatched the other two palettes as I was pretty impressed with these. Not so much the price of $71 CND but the packages themselves were lovely and sleek looking.  Here are some of the full palette shots.
The Vamp
Top: The Tease, Bottom: The Lolita
Top: The Starlet, Bottom: The Vamp (too bright sorry)
Anyone bought one of these? Heard good things about the Starlet palette but I've not seen swatches. Supposably the smaller mini palettes aren't as good. Can't understand why they would vary so much in quality. Anyone tried these?

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