Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick and Easy Summer Look Ideas: Cheeks

To reiterate from last time: Since summer has come along, my make-up routine has definitely swayed to simplicity. The easier the better, but I also want something that brightens. So I sorted through my makeup and came up with some of my go to items thus far this summer!

Kind of small, my blush stash doesn't amount to much. However, inspite of this, I took out some and the result was this. All these colours are great for summer, both sheered out and built up brightly. A pop of colour is especially easy to get with Peaches Blush by Mac (The coral-orange one). Peaches is classified as a sheertone. Mac Angel blush (matte) is a nice subtle pink or bright glowy pink on darker skins. Well Dressed I suspect would also work well for the same look.
The Joe Fresh blush is quite pigmented for the amount of money (around $5) and creates a lovely subtle warmth to whatever look you happen to be wearing. The Clinique shade is also very pigmented and its the only shimmery blush I've featured. The shimmer is very fine and can create a lovely pink-peach glow from within cheek.
I've also found on days when I'm lazing around I skip cheeks altogether and focus more on my lips or eyes. I do have to be careful not to overdo both though otherwise I just look incomplete.
What are your favourite summer cheek colours? What about textures and finishes?

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