Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quo Summer Safari Collection

Quo has recently released their new summer collection in Shopper's Drug Marts across Canada. Safari themed it's an instant eye catcher with three animal print velvet smooth bronzers, three eyeshadow trios, a golden pink shimmer highlight and a lip gloss in a chic black with gold giraffe print squeeze tube.
What really caught my eye where the three bronzers in Tigeress a lovely rose brown when mixed together but 4 different colours across. Mystic Morocco a more pink with brown and white tints in a Jaguar printand finally Sultry Sudan a giraffe printed bronzer that is varying shades of brown. The nice thing about these bronzers is that there is one for fair (Mystic Morocco), medium (Tigeress) and dark skin tones (Sultry Sudan) and the silver packaging in the animal print with rhinestones is adorable. All three are definitely worth checking out as the colours are not overspray but solid to the bottom of the pan. They each retail at $20 CND.
The three eyeshadow trios each have a blush and gold with rhinestone packaging. They also come in cute names like Egyptian Princess (A light gold and Rose Bronze and dark brown trio with a light almost white highlighter/blush). The other two trios are a Dark blue, lavender, and peach with a pale pink blush; and lastly a light blue, a turquoise and a teal with a medium rose pink blush.
Another item I may go back for is the Body Glow. It's a stunning pink with gold shimmer that comes in a huge container with a pump. The pump is a good one, allowing ease to get just the right amount (something I didn't get with my gold Clinique one nor my Lorac silver illuminator pumps).Here's a swatch! In real life it looks a tad more pink. If you pile it on it will dry down really bright so be sure to blend it in right away! The Body Glow retails for $25 CND. Though I love Quo's normal lipgloss, this one had no indication of colour and I personally can barely stand squeeze tube lipglosses so I didn't test out the colour. Shopper's Drug Mart also doesn't have any kleenexes available to wipe swatches off, and the employees were eyeballing me so I didn't swatch it, but it was $12 CND.
Overall I think the collection is really nice for summer, with a great exotic flair. What are your thoughts?

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